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Trucking Companies in Alabama

Trucking Companies in Alabama

Trucking companies in Alabama are a major contribution to the state's diverse and thriving economy. Alabama trucking businesses have provided over 100,000 Alabama truck driving jobs, with many major and local trucking companies within the state.

If you want to discover more about the top 10 trucking companies in Alabama and what it takes to start one, read on!

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Alabama

Do you want to work as a truck driver or require services from reputable Alabama trucking companies? Here are the top 10 trucking companies in Alabama with job opportunities that provide excellent work benefits and logistic services:

AAA Cooper Transportation

This is the largest Alabama trucking company that boasts of over 2,000 trucks and continues to provide job opportunities for different kinds of truck drivers. AAA Cooper Transportation is primarily LTL carriers, pulling flatbed and van loads and offering general freight services.

P&S Transportation

This Alabama trucking company has over 800 trucks and is one of the top choices for Alabama truck driving jobs with competitive pay and a referral bonus. They emphasize more on heavy long haul services, with a lot of load securement and flatbeds to do the job.

Boyd Bros Transportation

This is another flatbed trucking company with almost 800 trucks available, also accepting students for their Alabama truck driving jobs. They offer many benefits and a riding program, suitable for new drivers to learn more about working with flatbeds.

Wiley Sanders Truck Lines

This Alabama trucking company has almost 600 trucks that run in either bulk and dry vans, with excellent customer service and management. They run most of their own freight for transport, and offer various benefits, from health insurance to bonuses to their experienced drivers.

McElroy Truck Lines

This is another great company for new truck drivers who want to begin their flatbed careers. McElroy Truck Lines is a family-owned business that focuses on their experienced drivers and employee teams to ensure great services.

BR Williams

BR Williams has various locations in Alabama and Florida, offering tricking and transportation services nationwide. They are best known for their timely deliveries and driver experience.

Buddy Moore Trucking

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Buddy Moore Trucking offers flatbed and logistic services. They have been in the business for over 20 years with teams of experienced professionals to provide various useful services.

James R. Smooth Trucking Co., Inc.

This company started from a family of truckers, knowing well what both their employees and clients need! They have a 60-year track record, popular for their customer satisfaction and excellent delivery of services.

Watkins Trucking Company, Inc.

Watkins Trucking Company, Inc. is based in Birmingham, Alabama, specializing in freight logistic services, transportation, long haul trucking, flatbed providers, and more. They've been in the business since 1944, establishing bonds with their longtime clients.

Convoy Logistics

Convoy Logistics offers the full-service transportation solutions not only in Alabama but throughout all 40 states. They combine their small business values with the latest transportation management technology to serve the best to their clients.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alabama Trucking Companies

Do you want to learn more about working and starting trucking companies in Alabama? These are frequently asked questions about the trucking industry for help:

You will need to have a DOT number and report to the department at least once a year for registration, depending on how many trucks you have and how many more you will invest in during the business year (

As of 2015, there are 9,160 trucking companies in Alabama, most of them small and local trucking companies. This number may have increased in the past five years.

A motor carrier in Alabama is a person or company that owns, controls, manages, operates, or leases commercial motor vehicles for transporting properties. The owner operator will be in charge of their experienced drivers, usually owning an Alabama trucking company.

You can get a motor carrier number in Alabama from various companies for a small fee, which lessens the hassle of doing it on your own. If you were to get your own motor carrier number, the Transportation Division of Alabama Public Service Commission has its forms and steps available online.

Becoming a transportation provider in Alabama requires you to fill out an application form and to wait for its approval. Afterward, you will receive a transportation provider number and you will need to fill out more information forms to send before you're able to begin services.

When you want to start Alabama trucking companies, you will need to prepare a business plan, licenses, permits, as well as your capital investment for properties, good employee and professional driver teams, truck fleet, as well as your fuel and other business requirements.

Once you have everything ready, you can begin business and garner clients from different areas in the state.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Alabama

Starting Alabama trucking companies will incur various expenses beyond the property, truck, and staff investment. You will also need to ensure that our business and trucks are registered under the state of Alabama..

The Alabama Public Service Commission and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency offer more details on how much registration fees cost.

You will require an International Registration Plan, which is a commercial vehicle registration between all 48 states in the United States, as well as Canada provinces and the District of Columbia.

The fees are based on a percentage of miles the fleet travels in every member jurisdiction. In Alabama, the fee is $203.75 if you were to travel 25,000 miles in the state.

Furthermore, there is an Alabama Commercial Driver's License your truck drivers will need to obtain, which costs about $60 per driver. They also need to go through truck driving school, which may be under you or the driver's expense.

Insurance Costs for Alabama Trucking Companies

You can't start Alabama trucking companies without insurance.

There aren't set rules on how much insurance you will need, and there are different factors to consider, such as:

  1. Commercial auto liability
  2. Physical damage
  3. Cargo truck insurance
  4. General liability
  5. Occupational accidene
  6. Truck insurance

Depending on how many trucks your company owns and drivers’ experience and overall employee count, you may require a coverage between $500,000 to $1,000,000. There are also liability insurance to look into, which range between $200 to $5,000 per truck and trucker.

You'll require a more specified quote, as these are just general insurance costs for local trucking companies in Alabama.

List of Trucking Companies in Alabama

If you want the complete Alabama trucking companies list, you can refer to this helpful directory:

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