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Transport is the lifeblood in America’s largest state, and while the weather can be a challenge, the trucking industry in Alaska continues to stay strong. In fact, Alaska needs more truckers to brave the roads and deliver the state’s natural resources throughout the United States!

That’s why trucking companies in Alaska are absolutely necessary. If you’re looking for a truck driving job, want to start one of your own local trucking company, or want to find one to transact with, read on.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Alaska

Who is the best in Alaska’s trucking industry and why? Learn a bit about the top 10 trucking companies in Alaska, known for their trucking jobs benefits and logistics services:

Lynden Transport

This trucking company has been transporting to and from Alaska for almost 70 years now. They are one of the trusted leaders for shipping freight around the state, offering services such as heavy haul, cool chain, truckload, and quick transportation.

Carlile Alaska

Carlile Alaska is the trucking and logistics expert in the state, offering heavy haul, hazmat, LTL, flatbed, and many more! They ensure safety and reliability across Alaska, also serving all around the United States and Canada.

Black Gold Express

This trucking company is located in Fairbanks Alaska, known for its excellent services from experienced truck driver teams and employees. These professionals are trained to take on extreme conditions, the ice road, and remote locations in the state!

RB Logistics

Based in Anchorage, AK, RB Logistics has a variety of services that go beyond trucks. They have freight and air shipping services for all cargo types, shipping everywhere around Alaska, the United States, and Canada.

Minn-Alaska Transport

The company’s fleet has vans, flatbeds, step decks, reefers, and many more trucks and vehicles to accommodate any cargo, hazardous material, and equipment. They are located in Palmer Alaska and have 20 years of experience to ensure that your items are safe.

Harbor Freight Transport

This is one of the best Alaska trucking companies because of its wide array of services. They have full-service trucking, distribution, and warehousing for your convenience and requirements.

Alaska Traffic Company

Alaska Traffic Company offers logistics, consolidation, and freight forwarding services with competitive rates and dependable driver teams. They have the navigable platform for you to easily track your shipment and the customized services according to what you need.

Portage Transport Inc.

Portage Transport Inc. specialized in trucking and transportation services, a locally-owned and operated company from Alaska. No matter how small or large the shipment, they have the fleet of transport vehicles to do it.

Royal Alaskan Movers

Royal Alaskan Movers is one of the optimal Alaska trucking companies, making shipment simple with their local expertise and professional drivers. They provide services such as moving and storage, freight services, logistics, as well as commercial installations.

Alaska Express Corp.

Alaska Express Corp. is a US-based company offering full-service logistic services that operate on international scales. It goes beyond Alaska and covers the US, Canada, the Americas, as well as the East, Europe, and Africa!

Frequently Asked Questions about Alaska Trucking Companies

These are the frequently asked questions to learn more about the Alaska trucking industry and local trucking companies:

You are required to report your trucking company and vehicles to the Alaska DOT annually, even more, if you will invest in new trucks or other vehicles within the business year. This is for registration services as well.

Because of their high need for heavy haul services, Alaska has at least 30 trucking companies that offer heavy haul services.

In Alaska, a motor carrier is responsible for one or more commercial vehicles. It’s an asset-based trucking entity, transporting property for compensation.

To get a motor carrier number in Alaska, you will need to complete the Motor Carrier Identification Report. You can do this online, or call the Alaska DOT if you have no computer access.

Becoming a transportation provider in Alaska will require you to enroll and fill up an application form for it. Once approved, you will need to submit further requirements before you are able to run as a transportation provider under Medicaid.

When starting Alaska trucking companies, you will have to consider the logistic challenge in the state.

If you have considered the expenses and challenges, and are ready to begin the company, start off with a business plan and ready your investment for permits, licenses, and other required assets.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Alaska

If you own or operate vehicles with empty weights more than 8,000 pounds, you will be required to register it as a commercial vehicle. You need to submit additional information apart from the “normal” vehicle registration, as well as pay a fee per commercial vehicle you own.

The registration fee for a truck in Alaska is based on the unladen weights of vehicles. For the exact fees, the Alaska DMV provides the detailed list here.

As an owner-operator, expect to pay at least $350 to $1,000 for every truck, tractor, trailer, and a larger vehicle owned. Again, this depends on the type of vehicle and its weight.

Insurance Costs for Alaska Trucking Companies

There is also insurance you will need to cover for your business, vehicles, and the truckers.

In Alaska, the minimum level of coverage is between $15,000 to $30,000. On average, auto insurance is $1,200 monthly, which offers good coverage for your commercial vehicle and drivers.

This does not include other extra insurance costs for your ice road trucker team and your business, which may have higher costs. However, this is worth it as the weather conditions and less-paved ice road in Alaska may have you incur more expenses in case of any accidents at work!

List of Trucking Companies in Alaska

Wondering what else to learn about the trucking industry in this particular state if you want to work as a truck driver or work with a company? Check out Alaska trucking companies list here:

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