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Trucking companies in Arizona

Trucking Companies In Arizona

Trucking companies in Arizona continue to boom, being a huge contribution to their economy. Because of the trucking industry success, many people plan to start local trucking companies in the state.

So read on if you want to learn more about Arizona trucking companies and some quick facts on what you need to start one.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Arizona

What are the best local trucking companies in the state? These are the top 10 trucking companies in Arizona you can either work for or hire:

Danny Mundall Trucking

With this Arizona trucking company, you receive dependable and responsible drivers with modern trucks. Working since 1968, this is a reliable trucking company that has always maintained excellent customer service.

Network Transportation LLC

This is one of the oldest trucking companies nationwide, with over a hundred years of experience! Network Transportation LLC doesn't only offer exemplary service, but ensures that their clients receive the best!

Stewart Transport

For the past 25 years, Steward Transport has paved its way to popularity by offering amazing services and safety measures. Starting with just two semi-trucks in 1995, they now have a whole fleet of specialized refrigerated and custom freight trucks that serve the entire United States.

Central Arizona Freight, Inc.

This Arizona trucking company is over 20 years old and is known as one of the most economical and safest freight trucking companies in the United States. They have continued to preserve their clients and experienced drivers for years because of their excellent logistics services.

M&P Transport Company

M&P Transport Company is popular for its 24/7 services that specialize in delivering various materials through pneumatic trailers. They ensure to deliver with care and production, as well as logistics services using professional drivers and transportation solutions.

Red Carpet Auto Transport, Inc.

The Red Carpet Auto Transport, Inc. has been around for over 35 years, now a parent company of four auto shipping companies. They specialize in the trucking industry, as well as overhaul transportation and door-to-door shipping of equipment and other materials nationwide.

Northland Trucking Inc.

The Arizona trucking company offers a complete set of services and professional drivers, located in the heart of Phoenix. They boast of a whole fleet of truck and vehicle types for smooth transit and timely delivery.

YRC Freight

This trucking company has had the best track record in almost 100 years, now offering its services nationwide. They maintain a modern fleet of vehicles and trucks, only striving to get better and with new safety initiatives.

Heritage Trucking

Heritage Trucking is a family-owned business that began in 1993, one of the biggest trucking in Southwest America. They now have a complete fleet of super dumps in the state of Arizona!

Mountain Valley

This trucking company is based in Arizona, as well as Nevada and California. They are best known for their advanced tracking system, modern trucks, and experienced drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arizona Trucking Companies

These are other things you will need to know about Arizona trucking companies:

The Arizona Department of Transportation will require you to report to them at least once a year. This is for registration for existing and new vehicles, as well as sending business reports related to your transport services.

Based on Thomas Industry Update, there are six heavy haul trucking companies in Arizona.

A motor carrier in Arizona is usually an owner operator who owns at least one commercial vehicle for transport services. The vehicle would usually transport people and/or materials for business purposes.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation website, you can fill the application form for motor carrier numbers online. Or, you can contact the FMCSA headquarters to request an application via mail.

In Arizona, you can become a transportation provider for Medicaid, you will need to submit requirements such as your business registration, driver licenses, insurance, driving records, and criminal backgrounds, as well as other application forms Medicaid requires.

You will also need to make sure that your professional truck drivers are of age and have a clean driving record.

You can start a trucking company in Arizona, beginning with a business plan and obtaining any necessary business licenses and permits. Invest in the right equipment and hire staff to start the trucking company, understanding and tracking your clients, income, and expenses.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Arizona

Arizona trucking companies have various registration costs, depending on the weight of the freight. For commercial vehicles, you will need to pay depending on the gross weight and an additional $4 commercial fee.

The fees can range from $7.50 for 8,000 pounds, increasing up to $918 for 80,000 pounds. (Source)

There are also other costs such as the title and registration for commercial vehicles, which you can find on ADOT's official website. You can also hire other companies for them to register your feet's titles and plates for a quicker process, but with a fee.

Insurance Costs for Arizona Trucking Companies

Besides the truck titles and registration, there are also other fees to consider, such as insurance costs.

Insurance costs for Arizona trucking companies depend on two things: How many employees you have and the fleet of vehicles you own.

Arizona state law requires all businesses with truck drivers and employees to carry workers' compensation insurance. Furthermore, business-owned vehicles in Arizona will need to be covered by commercial auto insurance.

The commercial auto insurance would cover bodily injury and property damage liabilities, medical payments, and coverages on various items such as collisions, comprehension, roadside assistance, and the like.

On average, it would cost at least $1,200 per vehicle yearly for insurance in Arizona.

List of Trucking Companies in Arizona

Beyond the top 10 trucking companies in Arizona, what other truck businesses are out there? This is a list of trucking companies in Arizona you can check out:

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Latest Reviews of Arizona Trucking Companies


Nathan Mackin

This company was hired to deliver dirt to a neighbor. They carelessly ran over my concrete multiple times and caused hundreds of dollars in damage.


Rex Capicola

I witness on of your drivers in a F-350 flatbag yelling racist comments on Elliott Road light going eastbound. I was in the middle lane between your driver and the other person Turing to go north. Your driver, a black man, really skinny with thin beard on his chin, was yelling, and I quote verbatim, “ I hate you Mexican MF’ers, go back to Mexico you little dick piece of shit.” The guy in the car looked like a white guy, but your driver thought he was Mexican. Also, I could see the joint in his hand and could smell the marijuana through the windows. I was in a grey BMW so ask your driver if he knows I was listening to his road rage. I don’t know the exact reason your driver was yelling at the other driver, but you might want to get that guy drug tested if he’s on the road. My wife is saying I should report it to the cops, and I may, but with a name like Heaven Sent, your driver isn’t embodying god’s good word.



Great trucking company, Family owned and very reliable.