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Arkansas Trucking Companies

Arkansas Trucking Companies

Did you know that up to 87% of state communities depend on trucks to move their goods? Arkansas is no exception, which is why there are many local trucking companies in the state looking for older and younger drivers to make up for any driver shortage!

Find out the trucking companies in Arkansas and what to expect if you plan to start a trucking career or business from it.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Arkansas

In Arkansas, the trucking industry began in 1919 and has boomed from there, with many trucking businesses flourishing in the past 100 years. These are the top 10 trucking companies in Arkansas you can work for as a truck driver or transact with for your shipments:

Rich Logistics

This is a first-rate North American transportation provider offering truckload services and treating all their loads as expedite. Besides this, they ensure that their company driver team and shippers receive the proper benefits, from days off, great pay, and a referral bonus.

CalArk International

Almost 50 years old, this Arkansas trucking company works with honesty, integrity, and focuses on their clients and professional drivers. They offer door-to-door shipments, FTL, flatbed, as well as warehousing services.

J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.

The Arkansas trucking company offers safe and reliable transport services for all its clients. They offer shipment services such as transporting full truckload weight and are associated with various rail carriers to transport truckload freight in various vehicles.

TLI Transco Lines

These are one of the trucking companies in Arkansas known for their skilled employees and professional drivers. They offer transportation services like LTL, truckload, drayage, among other specialized services.

Comstar Enterprises, Inc.

They are located in Springdale, AR, a company that specializes in truckload services and transporting commodities with modern technology in mind. Comstar Enterprises, Inc ensures better communication, timely pickups and deliveries, as well as other logistics services.

USA Truck, Inc.

USA Truck, Inc offers the combination of what everyone needs from a trucking company: service, experience, stability, and reliability. They also offer many benefits for their employees and truck drivers, such as a big driver base, modern equipment and technology, as well as training and security.

Maverick Transportation

For over 39 years, Maverick Transportation continues to grow as the trucking industry leader. They build their reputation on innovation, safety, technology, and the right approach, now with over 1,700 units for their logistics services.

PTL Services

The Arkansas trucking company is located in West Memphis, AR, offering different services to help all their clients. They have 150 truck driver teams, local networks, dry van services, as well as other vehicles for your shipment requirements.

J M Bozeman Enterprises, Inc.

Located in Malvern, AR, the company focuses on building partnerships with its clients through exceptional service. They are popular for 24-hour dispatch and satellite monitoring to ensure all their deliveries are safe and secure.

PAM Transport, Inc.

This is one of the best trucking companies in Arkansas, providing services such as logistics, dry van truckload, expedited truckload, and intermodal transportation. Their slogan is, “Our Service Makes the Difference,” staying true to their word.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arkansas Trucking Companies

Want to know more beyond the top 10 trucking companies in Arkansas? Refer to this complete Arkansas trucking companies list to see who you can work for as a truck driver, or transact with for shipment needs:

In Arkansas, you will need to report to the local DOT every year or even more frequently, if you plan to invest in more trucks. This is required for registration purposes and to regulate the number of trucks in your business and within the state.

Based on the American Trucking Association and Thomas Industry Update, there are about six heavy haul trucking companies in Arkansas. There may be more companies that also offer heavy haul but prioritize other major services like freight and logistics.

Like in all states, a motor carrier refers to a person who owns, leases, manages, controls, or operates commercial motor vehicle/s. An owner operator would manage various passenger and/or freight carriers, regulated by the government.

Before you’re able to let your trucks and drivers work, you’ll need a motor carrier or USDOT number! To do so, you will need to fill up an application form and get registered with the FMCSA, as well as meet various requirements.

To become a transportation provider in Arkansas, you will need to double-check that your vehicle and driver are eligible for it. Afterward, submit the requirements and begin work once you are approved to become a transportation provider.

Starting a trucking company in Arkansas is a bit complicated, as it requires a huge capital investment and research. Once you have a plan and have followed the necessary steps to obtaining your requirements, begin investing in essential assets and a driver team to begin your company.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Arkansas

For motor trucks, trailers, semi trailers, and the like, registration and licensing fees are divided by classes. They are charged based on the gross-loaded weight of the vehicles.

For instance, vehicles with a gross-loaded weight between 6,001 to 20,000 pounds, the fee is $6.50 per thousand pounds. The rate increases from there, going up to $14.30 per thousand pounds for vehicles that weigh between 68,001 to 73,280 pounds.

In addition to these fees, there are also additional annual license fees on the number of axles your trucks have.

Insurance Costs for Arkansas Trucking Companies

Insurance is an absolute must for all trucking companies in Arkansas to ensure that they are covered and won’t go through the tedious and expensive process in case of accidents. Accidents in commercial trucks in Arkansas are quite costly, adding up to almost $60,000 on average!

That’s why it’s important to have coverage for your commercial vehicles. In Arkansas, you’re required to have a minimum of $100,000 coverage, or even up to $1,000,000 for bigger vehicles and companies.

On average, it costs up to $1,200 or more yearly, depending on what other liabilities and coverages you’d like to add.

List of Trucking Companies in Arkansas

Want to know more beyond the top 10 trucking companies in Arkansas? Refer to this complete Arkansas trucking companies list to see who you can work for as a truck driver, or transact with for shipment needs:

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Sherrell Harris-Aldridge

He's very polite and efficient, I would use him and refer him to anyone who needs towing


Glenwood Resident
reviewed RBFT INC

If your have a driver in a red truck pulling a feed tank coming thru Glenwood, Arkansas almost daily. (He has US Flag flying behind his trailer.), there is no bigger unprofessional and disrespectful driver than him.



They will not answer the phone. They give credit card numbers that decline and then will not call you or contact you again. These people are terrible.!!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!