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Trucking Companies in California

Trucking Companies in California

Whether you need trucking services or plan to build your own company, it’s important to know about your state’s local trucking companies.

In California, there are at least a dozen trucking companies in each city, with many major trucking companies based in larger areas like Riverside or Stockton. The number of trucking companies in California is by the thousands when counting both big and small businesses.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in California

Many major trucking companies in California operate within the state and across the USA. These are the top 10 trucking companies in California you can hire today:

JSG Trucking Co. Inc.

JSG Trucking has been in the business for more than 40 years, a proud member of the California Trucking Association. They offer services throughout the state of California with different vehicles such as flatbeds, dry vans, as well as intermodal containers with truck driver professionals.

California Cartage Company, LLC

This is a non-union and privately-held company that has 1,200 full-time employees and truck driver professionals. They provide services such as trucking, warehousing, translating, and deconsolidation.

R&A Trucking Company

The company offers complete services, serving Northern California cities such as Stockton, San Francisco, Richmond, and Oakland. They have over a hundred trucks, including flatbeds, drop decks, end dumps, and much more, providing a wide array of freight and cargo services.

Arrow Trucking of California

Arrow Trucking of California provides its services throughout central California, San Francisco, San Jose, the Bay Area, and Western USA. Based in Union City, CA, they offer logistics, along with warehousing and consulting services.

La Vey Transport Inc.

Le Vey Transport Inc is the leading truck company in Northern California, offering various trucking services with a wide selection of vehicles. They are known for their 24/7 availability and exemplary customer service, as well as their various trucking services, offering vehicles like a flatbed, freight, and other logistics.

May Trucking Company

Located on Yolo, California, May Trucking Company has been offering trucking services for more than 70 years. They have won numerous awards and maintain high standards in environmental stewardship.

Teresi Trucking, Inc.

Starting with just one truck 40 years ago, Teresi Trucking Inc now specializes in flatbed LTL and truckload services throughout California. They also offer expedited interstate services all around the USA, with their office being in Fontana, CA.

California Cartage Co.

This company continues to deliver trucking services for over 70 years now, operating over a thousand trucks throughout the United States. The California trucking company is based in Ontario California, with strategic partnerships and sustainable plans in mind.

JKC Trucking Inc.

With over 30 years of experience, JKC Trucking Inc is an expert on managing various freight loads. The company maintains amazing client bases comparable to those in Fortune 500 companies.

Neal Trucking Inc.

For almost 50 years, Neal Trucking Inc remains dedicated to provide full services as a tricking company. They are located in Riverside, serving both Northern and Southern California.

Frequently Asked Questions about California Trucking Companies

Here are frequently asked questions regarding California trucking companies and how you can start one:

This would depend on the type and size of the trucking company you have. You may refer to DOT's official website for more information on this subject.

There are around 31 heavy hauling trucking companies in California, based on Thomas Industry Update.

Like in all states, a motor carrier refers to a person who owns, leases, manages, controls, or operates commercial motor vehicle/s. An owner operator would manage various passenger and/or freight carriers, regulated by the government.

Motor carriers are a type of trucking service made to transport passengers or properties for compensation. This transportation service requires a motor carrier permit in California to operate.

You can get your CA number from the California Highway Patrol. The DMV has specific instructions and steps to follow after filling up the CHP form.

Starting trucking companies in California requires a huge investment of time and money, from expenses for truck driving jobs and motor carrier permits.

Start by getting a commercial driver's license and create a business plan, then complying with trucking safety rules in the state before investing in insurance, trucks, diesel fuel, and a space for your assets.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in California

For California trucking companies, these are the motor-vehicle registration costs:

  1. Truck Tractors have a $28 flat fee, with an additional $8 for 3,000 pounds up to $1,016 for 3-axle trucks weighing over 15,000 pounds
  2. Semitrailers have a $28 flat fee, with an additional $39 for 2,000 pounds up to $1,016 for trailers over 15,000 pounds
  3. A 3-axle truck has a registration fee ranging from $388 to $724, depending on the type of truck it is
  4. A 5-axle truck has a registration fee ranging from $952 to $1,673, depending on truck type
  5. A twin semitrailer combination truck has a registration fee ranging from $952 to $2,163, also depending on the truck type

There are also trip permits if you will need to go out-of-state. There is a fee of $45 for a consecutive 4-day trip permit. For trailers, there is no trip permit required, but you will need to get a Permanent Trailer Identification, which costs $20.

You can refer to this Caltrans webpage for more detailed fees that trucking companies in California may incur.

Insurance Costs for California Trucking Companies

Beyond investing in equipment for your trucking company and the appropriate fees, you’ll also need to pay for insurance.

For an owner-operator, you will require a minimum insurance coverage limit of $750,000. To get an idea of how high insurance costs may be, popular trucking company Hazmat Hauling requires to have as much as $5,000,000 in insurance coverage!

Since owner-operators are responsible for the costs, the fees average between $9,000 to $12,000 yearly for every insured truck. This already includes primary and general liability for the company driver, umbrella policy, occupational accidents, bobtail insurance, and physical damages.

List of Trucking Companies in California

Looking for the list of trucking companies in California? Check out this comprehensive list based on each city in the state!

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