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Trucking Companies in Colorado

Trucking Companies in Colorado

90% of manufactured freight commodities are transported via trucks, with 79% of communities in Colorado served by trucks. And with almost 100,000 people employed as a professional driver in the Colorado trucking industry, there’s no doubt that local trucking companies are a great investment!

Do you plan on starting a Colorado trucking company or want to work as a trucker? Know more about the trucking industry here and read on.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Colorado

These are the top 10 trucking companies in Colorado:

THC Global, Inc.

THC Global Inc. is a Colorado corporation formed back in 2002, forming a brokerage company called Team Global Logistics. Today, they have grown to one of the top Colorado trucking companies and now offer freight brokerage and dry van and refrigerated trucking services.

Fackler Transportation, Inc.

Fackler Transportation, Inc is based in Colorado Springs, known for its truckload and LTL carrier services. Many truck drivers are happy working with this trucking company because of the enjoyable workplace and great benefits.

Ellison Trucking Inc.

Based in Colorado Springs, Ellison Trucking Inc can handle all hauling and dumping needs, as well as trucking transportation. They are best known for their moving services, with many of their clients satisfied with their safe and secure delivery.

Estes Express Lines

Estes Express Lines is popular for its modern equipment and platform, offering services that range from shipment to truckload solutions. Their website is very easy to navigate, where you can find their wide array of services, track your shipment, and receive quick quotes.

Colorado Motor Express, Inc.

Short for CMX, this Colorado trucking company is over 35 years old and located in Denver. They started with just one truck back then, and now, CMX has grown to a corporation that continues to deliver excellent shipping and logistics services.

Denver Trucking Company

Denver Trucking Company is known for its 24/7 transportation services and customer support for almost 20 years. They have been delivering in various states and based in Colorado, you are ensured services you can use no matter the time of day.

Nuanes Trucking, Inc.

This is one of the top Colorado trucking companies in the state, a licensed and bonded freight trucking and shipping company. Nuanes Trucking, Inc. is popular for its hauling services in Commerce City, with dozens of various trucks and vehicles available for their clients.

Chocolate Covered Trucking

Chocolate Covered Trucking offers all the transportation their clients need, located in Greeley, CO. They are certified and registered by the FMCSA and are trackable with their USDOT Number, providing general freight services within the United States.

Mon Trans

Mon Trans is a simple Colorado trucking company located in Denver, Colorado, a small business with less than a dozen drivers and trucks. While they may be small, they continue to grow and still provide great transportation services.

Top Colorado Express

As the name suggests, they are one of the top Colorado trucking companies in the small business industry. Top Colorado Express is located in Denver Colorado, strategic for all clients to visit to send and receive shipments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Colorado Trucking Companies

What more is there to learn about the local trucking companies in Colorado? Check out these frequently asked questions:

You won’t require to report to Colorado DOT frequently, only once a year, or more if you invest in newer commercial vehicles. Be sure to prepare the detailed reports and other requirements for registration and the like.

Based on the Thomas Industry Update, there are nine heavy hail trucking companies you can work for. Other trucking companies also offer heavy haul services, though they may focus more on other logistics.

A motor carrier is an owner-operator of commercial motor vehicles, managing various vehicles to transport properties. Colorado trucking companies can be used not only for shipments, but for transporting items to other areas for moving, towing, and the like.

A motor carrier number, or a USDOT number, is required before you can begin using your commercial vehicle for business. Submit requirements such as your vehicle registration and your trucker’s information, ensuring that both are safe to be on the road!

If you want to be a transportation provider in Colorado, you will need to submit an application form for Medicaid and pass basic requirements. Once your vehicle and designated driver pass, you’re able to start using the vehicle for servicing.

To begin a trucking company in Colorado, you will need to submit requirements for your business and vehicles. Prepare your DOT numbers, license plates, as well as your staff’s commercial driver’s license and forms, and be sure that you enough capital investment to begin your business.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Colorado

In Colorado, your commercial vehicles will require additional registration, on top of the normal process. They are quite pricey compared to other states because the fees are used to fund road and bridge repair to make it safer for all drivers.

The registration fee includes a license fee, which is based on the vehicle weight and ownership tax, also based on the owner-operator age and vehicle taxable value. It can cost over $2,000 per commercial vehicle, depending on its weight and taxable value.

Insurance Costs for Colorado Trucking Companies

The insurance costs are not included with the registration fee! In Colorado, you will require coverage of at least $100,000 per vehicle, besides your driver’s insurance.

This may cost over $1,000 a month per vehicle, which is sizable enough to ensure your truckers and assets are well taken care of, just in case.

List of Trucking Companies in Colorado

There are many different Colorado trucking companies for further research, whether you want to take a trucker job or to enter the trucking industry. This is a Colorado trucking companies list you can refer to:

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