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Trucking Companies in Connecticut

Trucking Companies in Connecticut

Trucking companies in Connecticut are one of the top contributions to the state’s economy. With thousands of truck drivers employed, you can see why many people are interested in the trucking industry.

Are you planning to start a trucking company in Connecticut or want to work as a truck driver? Whatever the reason, learn more about local trucking companies and frequently asked questions about the industry and processes for starting a business.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Connecticut

What are the best Connecticut trucking companies to hire or work for? These are the top 10 trucking companies in Connecticut known for their excellent services, years of experience, and fair rates:

The Anastasio Group

Almost 44 years ago, The Anastasio Group began with just one truck as a small family business. With excellent work ethics and a set of values, it has driven the company to grow with a whole fleet of more than 70 new trailers and tractors.

Bulk Connection

Bulk Connection was founded in 1987, a licensed and insured freight broker that ensures reliability and safety for any shipment and customer. As one of the top trucking and shipping companies offer reputable services, such as bulk freight, logistics, among others.

Dalton Rigging and Transport, Inc.

This trucking company offers complete services for both domestic and international rigging and/or transportation. They ensure that they have experienced truck drivers to provide the world-class service clients deserve.

Red Line Freight Systems

This trucking company provides a wide variety of trucking services to ensure all your transportation needs are set. RLFS has professional truck drivers that accommodate whatever shipping solutions you require.

RTM Lines

Founded in 1980, RTM Lines has over 40 years of experience and grew to be one of the top trucking companies in Connecticut. They can handle shipments of all sizes with their wide fleet of trucks and transportation available.

Drivv (powered by Courierboard)

Drivv ensures quick access to various courier service providers with competitive prices. They are best known for their 24/7 service and an entire fleet with complete offerings.

Industrial Riggers, Inc.

Industrial Riggers, Inc. focuses more on crane and rigging devices, heavy hauling, transport, as well as warehousing and crating services. They are suitable for those who require a fleet for heavy construction and jobs.

JR Cristoni, Inc.

Located in Wallingford, Connecticut, this trucking company offers all the shipping services with over 70 years of experience. They can ship and provide their services worldwide, ensuring safety and reliability.

JRC Transportation, Inc.

JRC Transportation, Inc. is a big company with a 300 + flatbed trucking fleet, offering heavy hail and dry van trucking services as well. They’ve been in the trucking industry for over 35 years and are open for all clients AND those looking for a truck driver job.

Ocean Air Transportation

This Connecticut trucking company is popular for its competitive rates and responsive planning, focusing on its strategy behind the moves and shipments. They don’t only offer trucking services, but the ship and plane shipments as well!

Frequently Asked Questions about Connecticut Trucking Companies

Do you want to learn more about local trucking companies in Connecticut? Here are frequently asked question on the process of getting into the industry:

You will need to report to the DOT yearly for registration purposes or each time your company purchases a new commercial vehicle.

According to Thomas Industry Update, there are seven companies that offer heavy haul trucking services.

In Connecticut, a motor carrier is an owner operator that manages a fleet of commercial vehicles for various transportation services. Such services are paid for and require registration for both trucks and drivers.

You can get a motor carrier number in Connecticut by heading to your city’s local DMV or fill up an online application form. Pay the fees and submit the necessary requirements and wait until approval to begin services.

You can become a transportation provider in Connecticut by filling up the appropriate forms from the state’s Medicaid. Make sure that both the truck driver (with a commercial driver's license) and motor vehicle can perform medical transportation services.

When beginning a trucking company in Connecticut, you will first need to prepare a capital investment of at least $200,000 for a small business.

Before hiring company drivers, you also need a solid and detailed business plan and timeline of when you will invest in your assets and complete registrations for your business and vehicles.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Connecticut

Before your commercial trucks can go out to perform a shipment and trucking service, you will need to register them. An owner operator can register their trucks on their own, or hire a company to do so for a minimal fee.

In Connecticut, the commercial registration fees depend on the size and type of truck used. It is based on the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

It can range from $47 for vehicles less than 3,000 pounds, to $1,546 for vehicles between 79,001 to 80,000 pounds. You can refer to the Connecticut DMV chart for specific rates based on your trucks’ weights.

On average, these are the fees you’ll need to pay besides the Commercial Fee:

  • $5 for the plate fee
  • $25 for the title fee
  • $10 for the administrative fee
  • $5 for the clean air act fee
  • $10 for the lien flee, only if applicable

There may also be additional costs, such as:

  • $40 emissions exemption fee for vehicles over four years old
  • $5 greenhouse gas fee

Insurance Costs for Connecticut Trucking Companies

On average, the costs from insurance companies for Connecticut trucking companies varies between $9,000 to $12,000 per truck annually, depending on how large your company is. This already includes the following:

  • Primary liability coverage
  • General liability
  • Physical damage (or basic coverage)
  • Occupational accident coverage
  • Bobtail insurance

You can save up on insurance by ensuring your truck drivers have better driving histories, availing bundle packages, and selecting the right insurance company that offers competitive rates.

While it may be quite pricey in the state, it’s better than to pay hundreds of thousands in case of a truck accident, which could have been used to better use (like an insurance for more trucks).

List of Trucking Companies in Connecticut

There are dozens of companies in the state’s trucking industry beyond the list mentioned above. Refer to this list of trucking companies in Connecticut for the complete directory:

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