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Trucking Companies in Delaware

Trucking Companies in Delaware

Trucking companies in Delaware are always looking for truck drivers to work for their reputable businesses. Because of the demand for trucking services such as heavy haul and flatbed shipments, you can find a lot of people applying as a truck driver, or businessmen looking to create their own trucking company!

But what are the basics when you want to get into the trucking industry? Learn about the top 10 trucking companies and important facts about starting one.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Delaware

What are the most wanted local trucking companies in the state? These are the top 10 trucking companies in Delaware for your shipment needs or if you’re looking for a truck driving job:

TJ Potter Trucking

This trucking company serves the entire state of Delaware, offering heavy haul trucking, flatbed truck, and step deck services. They are also able to provide delivery services nationwide, ensuring the entire process is as simple as possible.

D&S Warehousing, Inc.

D&S Warehousing, Inc. is a trucking company that provides third-party warehousing, logistics, and distribution with extensive experience and without any taxes! The trucking company utilizes the latest technology to ensure that their fleet of trucks and shipment services stay safe and reliable.

Harmony Construction

Harmony Construction, Inc is the leading company in site development throughout the states of Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. They are affiliated with Harmony Trucking, Inc, which ensure the best shipment and trucking services that focus on their customer needs.

Burris Logistics

Burris Logistics is one of the top trucking companies in Delaware, also located in other states and cities. They offer amazing logistics and ensure safe and timely deliveries, along with other services such as custom distribution and storage.

Delaware Express Co.

This is a family-owned and operated trucking company in Delaware, specializing in the bulk transport of various materials. They have been around since 1935, committing to exceed customer expectations with fair and competitive rates.

Reed Trucking Co.

Reed Trucking Co. currently has 80 trailers and 52 tractors, expanding their businesses with LTL transportation services. They don’t only cater to Delaware, but to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions, too.

Ron English Trucking, Inc.

They founded in 1996, starting with just one truck and determination to grow with their excellent customer service. Today, they are now one of the top Delaware trucking companies that focus on both their customers and the truck driver team!

Rifenburg Trucking, Inc.

This is another family-operated trucking company in Delaware with reliable staff, professional drivers, and top-of-the-line equipment. The company ensures timely deliveries with competitive rates among other benefits, offering services such as LTL, storage trailer rentals, local transport, and more.

A Duie Pyle, Inc.

This is one of Northeast America’s top logistics company, a family-owned business that began in 1942. Today, they have 24 LTL centers, 11 warehouse facilities, and a fleet of trucks and commercial vehicles for logistics and shipment services.

E M Way Inc.

They started with one truck in 1994 and have now expanded to 13 trucks, providing only world-class services. E M Way Inc. is the most trusted small business in Delaware with affordable rates and services such as LTL and regional freight, delivery of various materials, and the like.

Frequently Asked Questions about Delaware Trucking Companies

For those who want to start a trucking company in Delaware, these are the basics you can look into:

Your business will need to report to Delaware’s Department of Transportation once a year for the registration. If you purchase a new commercial vehicle that year, you may need to visit them more than once for the registration process.

Based on the Thomas Industry Update, there is one heavy haul trucking company in Delaware. With that said, many other Delaware trucking companies also offer heavy haul services but do not focus on it compared to any other services they specialize in.

In Delaware, a motor carrier is a company or owner operator that manages at least one commercial vehicle. The commercial vehicle is used as a service to transport property and assets from one area to another for a fee.

You can get a motor carrier number in Delaware by heading to the local FMCSA website or DMV branch. Fill up the necessary form and submit requirements for approval before being able to use the commercial vehicle for services.

You can become a transportation provider in Delaware by filling up the application form to become one (under Medicaid). You will also need to provide documents and other requirements about your Delaware trucking company, vehicle, and your company driver.

If you want to provide a trucking service, you will need to prepare ahead, especially when it comes to finances, as a Delaware trucking company doesn't come cheap! You require at least $200,000 for a small trucking business and knowledge on the trucking industry, as well as register the company before you can start running it.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Delaware

Under the Delaware DMV regulations, you are required to register all your commercial trucks used for the business. Registration fees depend on the type of vehicle you have, as well as its gross weight.

For commercial vehicles less than 5,000 pounds, it is $40 yearly. If it is over 5,000 pounds, you will need to add $18 for every additional 1,000 pounds.

This does not include other necessary fees for your Delaware trucking company and commercial vehicles, such as insurance, business registration, your commercial driver’s license, among others.

Note that it is illegal to perform a transportation service without a registered business, commercial vehicle, or a driver legally permitted to transport materials. If so, you are violating Delaware regulations and may pay a hefty fine.

Insurance Costs for Delaware Trucking Companies

Insurance is crucial not only for your business and employees but for your commercial vehicles as well.

On average, commercial auto insurance in Delaware can go between $1,200 to $2,000 yearly for every commercial vehicle you own.

However, insurance can cost higher if you will need to add extra coverage and liabilities, an important consideration for the owner operator. Sometimes, truck insurance can go as low as $97 a month, depending on what insurance you want and need for it.

While it can be quite pricey considering how many trucks and professional drivers you have, it is a better choice compared to spending thousands from a truck accident or unforeseen circumstances.

List of Trucking Companies in Delaware

Are you still wondering about the other trucking companies in Delaware to do further research? Here’s a helpful Delaware trucking companies list you can refer to:

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