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Trucking Companies in DC

Trucking Companies in DC

You can find many trucking companies based in the District of Columbia. Whether you need moving services for your home or have a business that requires freight and flatbed services, the state is home to trucking companies offering what you need.

It’s the reason why a lot of people see the trucking industry very promising, wanting to work for one or create a trucking company themselves. But what are the best trucking companies in the District of Columbia?

Top 10 Trucking Companies in DC

These are the top 10 trucking companies in the District of Columbia:

My Guys Moving

My Guys Moving focuses on home and office relocations no matter the distance, offering the complete set of services you need. They also offer other moving services such as packing and storage rentals.

Von Paris Moving Storage

Located in Washington, DC, Von Paris Moving Storage is another excellent moving company that covers both local and long-distance moving and storage services. They are a family-owned company who has been in the business for over 100 years, known to move household goods and meet shipping needs ever since they began!

US Auto Transport

This is a large trucking company based in DC and has various locations nationwide as well, offering car shipping services for small and big companies. It’s also suitable for people relocating to different states, lessening the hassle of moving their vehicle.

Flash Delivery Service

As the name suggests, this trucking company is best known for its quick and timely delivery services throughout the District of Columbia, among other states. They guarantee safe and same-day deliveries as needed, hiring only professional drivers.

Deluxe Delivery Systems, Inc.

This trucking company is known for its super rush but safe delivery, as well as its logistics services. They are based in DC but can deliver and perform services in different nearby states for individuals and companies to benefit from.

Yamato Transport USA

The trucking company began operating in Japan back in 1919, just a simple short haul transportation company. After more than 100 years, they grew with over 200,000 employees and thousands of facilities worldwide, including in DC!

Ruan Transportation

Ruan was founded in 1932, a family-owned transportation management company that offers supply chain solutions, among other trucking services. They offer amazing benefits to all their truck drivers and have job openings available for drivers, technicians, or under operations and corporate management.

Best Heavy Hauling

Best Heavy Hauling is one of the top trucking companies in the District of Columbia for their point-to-point transport services of heavy construction equipment. They use state-of-the-art fixed RGN trailers to do the job, which can handle the heaviest of loads!

JAS Trucking, Inc.

This is one of the biggest transportation companies across the United States, having its place in Washington, DC. The company offers transport and freight logistics businesses for all types of companies, with over 100 trucks available!

Tomar Trucking, Inc.

Tomar Trucking, Inc. is a famous trucking and freight shipping company that focuses on heavy haul services. They are best suited for big companies for construction and delivery purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Washington DC Trucking Companies

What else is there to learn about having your own trucking company in the District of Columbia? These are the frequently asked questions to know more:

Your business is required to report to the District of Columbia’s Department of Transportation at least once a year. You may need to visit more than once a year when investing in new commercial vehicles to register.

Based on Thomas Industry Update, there are four heavy haul trucking companies in the District of Columbia.

A motor carrier is an owner operator or company that owns at least one commercial vehicle used to transport goods and properties from one place to another for a fee.

Based on the FMCSA, you can get a motor carrier number in the District of Columbia’s local DMV branch. The DOT website also offers online applications for you to fill up and submit.

Becoming a transportation provider requires you to fill up an application form and submitting requirements that prove both your commercial vehicle and company driver are appropriate for the job.

District of Columbia trucking companies have a different process compared to other businesses. You will need a bigger capital investment and more research with your possible assets, property, trucker teams, and other expenses (like fuel!).

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Washington DC

When you start a trucking company in the District of Columbia, you will also need to register your business and vehicles.

You can file for a business license, which costs $20 to process the application form and register your trade name.

As for registering your commercial vehicles, the fees depend on the vehicle type and weight class. This is the average fee for commercial class B vehicles.

  • Class I (less than 3,499 pounds) is $125
  • Class II (3,500-4,999 pounds) is $160
  • Class III (5,000-6,999 pounds) is $220
  • Class IV (7,000-9,999 pounds) is $300
  • Class V (above 10,000 pounds) is $575 plus another $25 for each extra 1,000 pounds

You can also refer to this table from DC DMV for specific registration fees. Note that these fees do not include any additional tax, among other extra fees.

Insurance Costs for DC Trucking Companies

The average costs for trucks and other commercial auto vehicles can range between $100 to $200 a month for every vehicle you own. This cost already includes general liabilities (in case of an accident or act of God) and other important factors necessary for insurance.

The fees can go higher or lower, depending on the insurance company you transact with. It’s important to canvas and select the reputable one with good coverage and fit your budget.

Furthermore, it's crucial to invest in insurance, which is required by most states and will also prevent heftier fees in case of a trucking accident.

List of Trucking Companies in Washington DC

There are a lot more trucking companies in the District of Columbia than mentioned above! Here is a list of trucking companies in the District of Columbia you can check out:

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