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Trucking Companies in Florida

Trucking Companies in Florida

Trucking companies in Florida continue to be a necessary business in the state. It’s the reason why a lot of locals are looking for the best truck driving job that provides benefits! It’s also why businessmen are eyeing the truck industry as an opportunity.

But what is the process of building your own trucking company in Florida? And what are the top companies you can trust to work in or transact with? Check it all out here!

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Florida

Who are the best of the best in the state’s trucking industry today? Here are the top 10 trucking companies in Florida to check out, offering excellent logistics services for customers and trucking job opportunities for those who need one:

Peoples Services

Peoples Services is a third-generation and family-owned trucking company, established nationwide with over 100 years of professional experience. They have facilities in Florida and offer trucking, packaging, transportation, and eCommerce fulfillment services.

Lake Trucking Company

Lake Trucking Company is one of the top trucking companies in Florida for their decades of experience and 20,000 sq. ft. Frozen and refrigerating facilities. They also have the hardworking employees and driver teams that keep up with operations all around Florida.

Delta Trucking, Inc.

The Florida truck company is a custom-bonded carrier in the business for more than 35 years, located in Miami. They offer a whopping $250,000 motor cargo insurance to customers, have over 80 fleets of trucks, and boast of the largest chassis inventory in South Florida!

Cypress Truck, Inc.

ACypress Truck Inc. got into the trucking business in 1972, now with teams of dedicated employees and truck driver teams who aim to provide the best for all their customers. They have high ratings and reputation in the industry and its loyal customers, having terminals in Tampa and other cities nationwide.

Shelton Trucking Services, Inc.

Shelton Trucking Service Inc. has its headquarters in Altha, Florida, known as one of the safest trucking companies in the state. Having over 50 years of experience and trained driver teams, they combine customer service with high-tech information technology for ease of tracking and organizing shipments.

MJD Trucking, Inc.

MJD Trucking Inc. has a proven track record in giving customers commendable carrier services. However, they are mostly known for their services to petroleum industries in efficient, safe, and economical manners.

Moeller Trucking, Inc.

Moeller Trucking Inc. is a huge name in the trucking industry, having over 30 years of experience in transport services. With professional driver teams and well-trained employees, they ensure the top freight and cargo services.

AMJ Campbell

AMJ Campbell is one of the popular companies in the trucking business, as they have 80 years of professional experience. Their services go beyond trucks and transport, but warehousing and translating and international freight services for residential, commercial, and institutional purposes.

Florida Rock and Tank Lines

Located in Jacksonville, Florida Rock and Tank Lines gives all its customers only the best freight services with state-of-the-line innovation. They have won first place in the National Tank Truck Carriers Safety Award in 2011, prioritizing safety and reliability.

Knight Transportation

Knight Transportation owns more than 50 fleets of trucks, delivering world-class freight services all over the nation. They offer many truckload solutions, along with cargo, flatbed, and warehousing/transloading services with their state-of-the-art vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions about Florida Trucking Companies

For the aspiring owner operator to a Florida trucking company, these are frequently asked questions about starting one:

Florida trucking companies will need to report to the Department of Transportation every year for registration of commercial vehicles. If an owner operator invests in a new fleet of trucks or trailers that year, then they may be required to report to DOT more than once.

Based on data from the Thomas Industry Update website, there are 23 heavy haul trucking companies in Florida.

In Florida, a motor carrier refers to an owner operator or individual who manages commercial vehicles and professional driver teams to transport properties. The service is exchanged for certain fees, taking account of your profit and expenses such as fuel, the trucker’s salary, vehicle maintenance, among others.

The owner operator can obtain a motor carrier number for their commercial vehicles by submitting the appropriate application form and any requirements their local office needs. One can also work with an agency that can work on the process with a minimal fee.

If you want to become a transportation provider, make sure that you and your vehicle and meet the basic requirements. The process entails submitting an application form, along with financing and business registrations, insurance, and undergoing a background check.

If you are planning on becoming an owner operator of a fleet, then prepare for all of what you need to do and learn from the FMCSA.

Not only should you start with a solid business plan, but a capital investment of at least $200,000, as well as business registration and permits.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Florida

In Florida, there is a one-time $225 base registration fee. There is also an additional fee of at least $32.50 if the commercial vehicle is over 3,500 pounds.

However, there is also an additional IRP fee to pay, especially when the commercial vehicle performs transport services interstate.

Depending on the mileage and jurisdiction traveled in, registration fees can go as high as $1,200 yearly for 80,000-pound power units with a 100,000 mileage.

You can refer to the International Registration Plan for commercial vehicles to receive sample fee calculations. The fees are calculated using a computerized system.

Insurance Costs for Florida Trucking Companies

In Florida law, all commercial vehicles require insurance with a coverage of at least $50,000 to $300,000, based on how heavy your vehicle is.

Insurance fees vary by the state and insurance companies you choose to work with. The average monthly cost for most commercial truck or trailer insurance is between $800 to $950 a month, or up to $12,000 yearly.

While it may be a dip in one’s expenses, it’s necessary and will have you save more in the long run in case of any truck accident. Your company driver teams should also have their own insurance as well, along with other benefits such as great pay and CDL training.

List of Trucking Companies in Florida

Beyond the top 10 trucking companies in Florida, you can find many more of them around the state. Refer to this complete Florida trucking company list to see who else joins the industry (and the competition!).

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Daniel Dawson

Exceptional driver ,used This company for one of my route that broke down. Thanks


Patricia J Brown

We made a deal with Freedom Express Moving which turned out to be a broker. R & M turned out to be the Movers and the ones who stored our possessions. I write this to warn anyone looking for a mover to make sure you NEVER use this company. If you note the description they only have one truck. And I don't know where our precious belongings were stored but when we got them to our new home, boxes were soaked as were baby picture, yearbooks, files, quilts, etc. Mold was growing on everything. We are missing many items which were obviously stolen, such as two security video cameras, a printer and probably more. We're still unpacking. But, we have someone else's Christmas ornaments, and two lampshades, so if things are being stored in a "climate controlled unit" how are they getting mixed together and worse, how are they getting moldy and wet. They are crooks and you must avoid them. This complaint for requires that I give them a rating so I had to pick one star. I don't think they are that good.


Michael Baxter

Arrived 36 hours late for a two day move. Were supposed to start on Sunday and finish Monday afternoon. At about 5:45 PM on Monday night – the day we are supposed to be out – two tired movers come and work for an hour loading and leave. At start of day Tuesday I have to negotiate with the buyers for an extension to allow for the move out. I’m told Tuesday morning there will be two crews – five movers - there and we would be out in the afternoon. The first crew arrives at 9:00 AM – expected at 7:45 AM - and works three hours. They leave and say the next crew of three should be able to finish up in 3-4 hours. They arrive in the early afternoon – two people. At about 6:00 PM I join the movers hauling stuff out to the truck as it is obvious progress is slow. At about 10:00 PM one of the movers is fired because he is slow. Now it is me and the other mover finishing up the house. We end about 12:30 AM. Now – for the move to our new house. We were in storage for five months. R&M Transport was very efficient at collecting our monthly storage fee. That is all they did well. The house contents arrive in two shipments about 1.5 weeks apart. Thankfully we got mattresses on the first shipment so we could sleep. Now for checking how the move went. We lost about 25 plates, glasses, casserole dishes, etc. yes 25 It was like the boxes had been thrown against a wall or slammed into the floor. Theresa packed the dishes on our three other moves and in each of those we lost 1-3 glasses per move. Fair enough – we packed them so the moving company can claim poor packing caused the damage. This is not right – and, on the move they had no packers anyway. But onward to other damages – queen sized solid teak bed - $4,000 bed. Was it damaged – we don’t know – it never arrived. They never delivered the bed. What happened to it – who knows. Almost new four foot ladder – never delivered. Is that now part of the movers work equipment – who knows. 80 year old solid mahogany king sized poster bed – estimate $25,000 value – arrived w/ chips out of it and extensive scratches and scarring. Teak file cabinet – was not completely covered with blankets for the move – extensive