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Trucking Companies in Georgia

Trucking Companies in Georgia

You can find numerous Georgia trucking companies in the state, a necessary industry that many individuals flock to. Not only do you see people looking for a good truck driving job with benefits and great pay, but businessmen who want to begin their own company!

But what should you know about the trucking industry, whether you want to be a truck driver or owner operator of your own fleet? Read on!

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Georgia

Are you wondering who’s on top of the state’s logistics and trucking industry? Check out these top 10 trucking companies in Georgia that offer excellent service and even job opportunities:

Ace Drayage Savanah

Ace Drayage Savanah comes from Evans’ network of companies, operating for over 14 years now. They are an authorized trucking company that focuses more on transportation services, located in Garden City, GA.

Collins Trucking Company

This is a second-generation and family-owned Georgia trucking company providing multiple haul truck types and using the newest equipment for electronic logging services. They have more than 100 tractors and a 150 trailer fleet, more than enough to handle multiple customers, big or small.

Broadleaf Trucking Company

Broadleaf Trucking Company has been around since 1975, catering to long-distance truckload hauling and shipment nationwide. They guarantee timely deliveries with reliable equipment, as well as professional drivers and dispatchers.

Allen Lund Company Transportation Brokers

This is a big trucking company located in Atlanta, Georgia, that also works as a third-party broker, working with brokers and shippers nationwide. Allen Lund Company arranges deliveries focusing on a flatbed, dry, and refrigerated freight.

Howard Sheppard Inc.

Howard Sheppard, Inc. is a family-owned trucking company established in 1943. They offer a wide variety of services, including truckload, intermodal transport, crude mining, translating, and even warehouse storage.

RRR Transportation Company

The RRR Transportation Company was named one of the Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine’s Top 50 Green Fleets back in 2013 and 2014! They use the latest over-the-road trucking technology, having an excellent CSA and customer rating.

MBrown Integrated Logistics

This 65-year-old family-owned business provides all the services you need, staying consistent with their safety ratings from the FMCSA and USDOT yearly. They have even been awarded the First Place in the Annual Safety Contest from the Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee Trucking Associations!

Marten Transport, LTD

Established in 1946, Marten Transport, LTD offers complete truckload services nationwide, including Canada and Mexico. They also provide 3PL services for brokerages that have specialized equipment.

G&P Trucking Company Inc.

For 75 years, G&P Trucking Company, Inc. has provided services as an asset-based truckload carrier. They are based in Ellenwood, Georgia, offering two-way satellite tracking, as well as warehouse cross-dock services!

Groendyke Transport

This simple trucking company provides the premium freight and trucking service, using state-of-the-art fleets of trailers and trucks. They are popular for their top-notch customer service and reliable performance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Georgia Trucking Companies

If you want to be an owner operator, there are a few more things to learn when starting a trucking company. Here are frequently asked questions about trucking companies in Georgia:

A trucking business will need to report to Georgia’s Department of Transportation at least once a year, depending on if you invested in new commercial vehicles to register.

Based on information from Thomas Industry Update, 18 heavy haul trucking services serve Georgia.

In Georgia, a motor carrier is an owner operator or company's CEO, owning a fleet of commercial vehicles to transport assets to different areas. Such motor carriers perform such transport services in exchange for a fee.

Getting a motor carrier number in Georgia is hassle-free, as you can find their application form online. Submit this, along with your city’s requirements, and wait for approval before using the vehicle for shipments and deliveries.

Your commercial vehicle can be a transportation provider under Medicaid by submitting an application form, which you can also avail online. Submit the needed requirements to show that your company driver and truck are safe to use, and wait for the approval.

You can begin a trucking company in Georgia by preparing a clear business plan with a laydown of what you need as capital investment. Be sure that you have prepared the timeline for getting registrations, insurance, the hiring process, as well as when you can invest in assets to perform transport services.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Georgia

All commercial vehicle titles need to be applied for at the local Georgia County Tag Office, where the business is or where the owner operator lives.

If truck companies have a commercial vehicle weighing over 55,000 pounds, you will need to obtain an IRS Form 2290.

Registration fees depend on the type of commercial vehicle you own, as well as its weight and where you plan to use it (locally or interstate). You can refer to the Georgia Trucking Portal online or the local County Tag Office for specific registration fees.

These do not include any additional fees such as highway tax and insurance, license plates, and the like.

Insurance Costs for Georgia Trucking Companies

Insurance is an absolute must for all businesses, including those in the trucking industry. All local trucking companies in Georgia require insurance for their business, employees, the trucker team, as well as their commercial vehicles.

For commercial vehicles, insurance will range between $900 to $1,200 yearly, sometimes more depending on insurance companies and the vehicle inspection. The insurance cost will include most liabilities to ensure any truck accident or circumstance will be covered.

It beats having to pay thousands of dollars to pay for any vehicle damage and bodily injuries.

List of Trucking Companies in Georgia

For those who want to have a more extensive Georgia trucking companies list, this directory has complete information you can use:

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