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Trucking Companies in Hawaii

Trucking Companies in Hawaii

There are many trucking companies in Hawaii one can rely on transporting goods and other heavy equipment. You can also find worthy truck driving job opportunities from these Hawaiian-based companies, which offer great pay and other benefits.

Whether you want to invest and create your own Hawaii trucking company, work as a truck driver, or transact with one, read on! Learn all about local trucking companies in the state here.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Hawaii

These are the top 10 trucking companies in Hawaii, known for their excellent benefits for their truck drivers and professional services:

Royal Hawaiian Movers, Inc.

This moving company was established back in 1982, and today, they have state-of-the-art fleets to meet anyone’s shipping, freight, and trucking services. They have warehouses of all four major islands in the state.

Hawaii Transfer Co Ltd

Hawaii Transfer Co Ltd is one of the oldest trucking companies in the state, which started in 1931. The family-owned company has a team of professional drivers with CDL training, ensuring world-class heavy hauling trucking services.

International Express, Inc.

Located in Honolulu, this company commits to offering only the highest professional standards expected in the trucking industry. They have the latest fleets of trailers, utility vans, flatbed trucks, and heavy tractors to cover all trucking services.

Akana Trucking, Inc

The company has been in the trucking industry since 1989, focusing on heavy haul services using their fleets of trailers and tractors. They are best known for their customer satisfaction ratings and their timely and flexible services.

Aloha Trucking, Inc.

Aloha Trucking has more than 70 fleets of trailers, offering world-class warehousing and cargo services to all their clients. They extend their services throughout Hawaii Island, offering hauling, trailer services, as well as next-day deliveries.

Touchdown Trucking

This is a company founded in 1979, operating with state-of-the-art information technology for the best and secure services. Touchdown Trucking offers logistics, hauling, flatbed services, and shipment, also catering to trucking and cargo needs.

B.B. Trucking and Storage Inc.

B.B. Trucking and Storage Inc. was found in 1991, a Hawaii-based trucking company offering distribution and comprehensive storage services and solutions. Besides their 15 fleets of trucks and trailers, they offer other forms of freight and island services.

Pacific Transfer

This trucking company provides services using only the best trucking infrastructure, state-of-the-art information, and the latest fleet of vehicles. All their trained and professional drivers with CDL drive trucks with a tracker for real-time monitoring.

Hawaiian Express Service, Inc.

Hawaiian Express Service, Inc. has been providing professional freight forwarding and various trucking services in Hawaii. They are the largest LCL operator in the state, using electronic data interchange for easy monitoring of shipments!

Kona Trans

This is one of the oldest and largest trucking companies in Hawaii, founded in 1939 with over 80 years of experience! The family-owned company has over 60 employees and professional drivers operating fleets of high-quality trucks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hawaii Trucking Companies

Do you want to learn more about Hawaii's trucking companies and quick facts on starting one yourself? Check out these frequently asked questions:

You need to report to DOT at least once a year for truck and commercial vehicle registration.

According to Thomas Industry Update, there is one heavy haul trucking company in Hawaii. This does not include trucking companies that offer heavy haul but focus on other freight services.

A motor carrier in Hawaii is usually a trucking company owner operator that manages a fleet of trucks. These commercial vehicles would transport properties and assets for a fee.

When getting a motor carrier number in Hawaii, you will need to submit an application form to the local DOT. Make sure that you prepare any other necessary requirements according to Hawaii law.

When becoming a transportation provider in Hawaii, you need to submit requirements such as the application form, your vehicles’ documents, as well as your company driver information. Make sure that your vehicle and driver are safe and permitted to transport goods and people.

Starting a trucking company in Hawaii will require a capital investment of at least $200,000 and a solid business plan. It will take a bit of time investing in assets and registering your company, but once you have a set of clients, it will be worth the effort!

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Hawaii

In the county of Hawaii, you will need to not only register your trucking company but your commercial vehicles as well.

All vehicles, including those for commercial use, are subject to annual taxes, which is computed according to the vehicle’s net weight. These are the state weight taxes:

  • Vehicles up to 4,000 pounds cost 1.75c a pound
  • Vehicles 4,001-7,000 pounds are 2c a pound
  • Vehicles 7,001-10,000 pounds are 2.25c a pound
  • Vehicles over 10,001 pounds have a flat rate of $300

Furthermore, there is a fixed state fee of $45 and a county fee of $12. Freight vehicles and trucks weighing over 6,500 pounds also have a country weight tax of 2.50c a pound.

For example, you have a freight truck weighing 7,000 pounds. You will need to pay $382 in total, not including any other necessary fees and expenses for your commercial truck.

Insurance Costs for Hawaii Trucking Companies

You can get insurance in Hawaii for $220 a month on average for every freight vehicle you own. However, you may need a higher coverage and more inclusions, depending on preference and what is required.

On average, your trucks require a general coverage of at least $15,000 annually, not including other liabilities. While less than $100 a month is ideal, it’s better to find companies that offer a better price-to-value ratio rather than look for the cheapest ones available.

List of Trucking Companies in Hawaii

There are more local trucking companies than the top ten mentioned above! You can refer to this Hawaii trucking companies list:

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