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Trucking Companies in Iowa

Trucking Companies in Iowa

Whether you want to become a professional truck driver or build your business in the trucking industry, you must learn more about trucking companies in Iowa! This article will tackle the basics, from truck driving job opportunities down to what to expect as a future truck owner operator.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Iowa

Who are the top 10 trucking companies in Iowa trusted by businesses and employees? These are the companies you should keep an eye out for, known for their truck driver job opportunities and exemplary transportation services:

TanTara Transportation Corp.

This Iowa trucking company has been in the industry for over almost 40 years, known for its loyal trucker teams. TanTara Transportation Corp. doesn’t only take care of its customers with their great transportation services, but their OTR drivers as well with good pay and home time.

JRRW Transport Inc.

JRRW Transport’s main goal is to be one of the best food ingredient distributors, now becoming the fully-integrated supply chain solution for some Fortune 500 companies across the United States! Located in North Liberty, the company commits to meet your needs with dedicated truck driver teams.

Keane Thummel Trucking

This is a family-owned and operated transportation trucking company, running for 40 years now. They are best known to provide outstanding customer service, taking great care of their clients and professional driver teams.

Wenger Truck Line Inc.

One of the best Iowa city trucking companies for drivers is Wenger Truck Line, located in Davenport. The company consists of real people with families, who understand that their drivers deserve good pay, home time, and CDL training to be the best for their clients.

Crawford Trucking Inc

Located in Des Moines, Crawford Trucking aims to be the top trucking company in the area, known for their supers transport services with competitive rates and experienced drivers.

Florilli Transportation LLC

TFounded in 1987, this family-owned Iowa trucking company continues to be one of the top in the heavy haul business. They focus more on the refrigerated and frozen food industry, working for big companies like Sara Lee and Kraft Foods.

Dickey Transport

This trucking company is based in Packwood, starting back in 1959 and currently continues to hold a good reputation in the refrigerated transportation industry. They hold pride in the care and quality of their truck drivers, service, equipment, and timely delivery rating.

Don Hummer Trucking

What began with just one company driver and truck has now expanded to become the nationwide carrier. Located in Cedar Rapids, this truck company isn’t only known for handling large freights and logistics services, but as one of the best-paying jobs for trucker teams!

Amhof Trucking

This company has humble roots, dating back to 1975 when they only had one truck and hauled grain around the state. Now, they have 250 trailers and 80 tractors that can haul everything to various states and overseas markets!

Johnrud Transport Inc.

This company is located in Des Moines, a recognized leader in transporting bulk liquids in the food industry. They make sure to hire the most experienced drivers and dispatchers, focusing on quality control within their company and equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Iowa Trucking Companies

Do you want to learn more about what to expect when beginning your own Iowa trucking company? Here are some frequently asked questions to get you started:

Iowa trucking companies need to report to DOT at least once a year for registration purposes. You may need to report more often if you invested in a new fleet of trucks that year.

In Iowa, there are thirty-five heavy haul companies currently running.

A motor carrier in Iowa refers to a truck company owner operator that manages a fleet of trucks, trailers, and other commercial vehicles. These vehicles can be used to transport goods from one place to another for a fee.

All trucking companies require a motor carrier number to run legally, which you can obtain from the Iowa Department of Transportation. Their website offers online application forms and a list of requirements to prepare and submit for a smooth transaction.

You can become a Medicaid transportation provider in Iowa by submitting the appropriate application forms and submitting requirements that prove your vehicle and company driver are eligible to perform such a service.

You can start a trucking company in Iowa by preparing a capital investment of at least $200,000 and creating a solid business plan that explains your goals and details. You will also need to learn about the business registration process, necessary assets to purchase, and more strategies to set you up for success.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Iowa

In Iowa, they have a registration fee of $65 for single-unit trucks that weigh less than three tons.

The rate can be decreased to a minimum of $35, depending on the actual weight. It can also go up to $1,695 for vehicles that weigh up to 40 tons. If your truck weighs over 40 tons, then it is $1,695 and an additional $80 for each ton above 40 tons.

For farm trucks, it ranges from $80 for 6 tons to $675 for 32 tons. As for heavy single-unit trucks, the average registration fee is $1,105.

Insurance Costs for Iowa Trucking Companies

State laws require your vehicle to be registered and insured.

In Iowa, the average insurance cost per vehicle can range between $900 to $1,200 a year. However, some factors can drive up the rate, such as its higher weight range, the radius of operation, and any accidents within the past years.

This insurance cost will casually have a $1M liability with comprehensive and collision coverage. There are other insurance add-ons you may want to invest in, depending on your needs.

List of Trucking Companies in Iowa

Beyond what was mentioned above, how many more existing Iowa trucking companies in the industry? You can refer to this Iowa trucking companies list:

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Latest Reviews of Iowa Trucking Companies


Ace are Assholes

I don't work at Arrive Logistics anymore so I can get this off my chest. HOLY CRAP yall are the most garbage trucking company I've ever worked with. You get a picture of a CLEAR slamming on the brakes claim and act like utter pricks about it. Then you make up a claim number for your "insurance adjuster" and tell me its closed as if I wasn't going to research it. The adjuster confirmed that was a lie. Seriously. As a former trucker myself, you are hands down the most pathetic, deceitful pieces of shit I've had to deal with. It's assholes like you that make all truckers look bad. Get Fucked.


Paul Kott

Hi Mike, Just thought I would send you my cell number(1-708-878-0105). After Sue saw the latest phone bill for our home phone; we have decided to eliminate the home phone and just stick with our cellphones. I tried to send you a text but realized that it was going to your home phone of which you would never see. Great to see you again, though under very sad conditions. Thank you for getting a hold of me as far as Gary’s passing. I would have never known. He will be missed! Hope you get this message thru this rating system I found. Take care, Paul



The absolute worst excuse for a transportation company. They are the direct cause of personal injuries to me and have been red flagged by MODIVCARE and United Health and now are under investigation. They have a condescending smart mouthed dispatcher named KJ who has threatened me by phone messages and text messages. I am now turning the entire matter over to the Inspector General for Medicare and the USDOJ.