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Trucking Companies in Massachusetts

Trucking Companies in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is famed across the United States for its wealth of culture and industry. Thriving in engineering, education, and maritime while also bordering mega industrial states like New York, it is only natural that Massachusetts is a massive commercial hub with a proportionately enormous need for cargo transportation.

Massachusetts boasts more than 31,000 miles of roads within the state. Hundreds of Massachusetts trucking companies ply these roads, delivering versatile logistic solutions, ranging from quick mail delivery to full freight movement. Nonetheless, Massachusetts trails the biggest trucking hubs in America, like Texas, which boasts more than 172,000 truck drivers.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Massachusetts

Here are the top 10 trucking companies in Massachusetts. The companies in this Massachusetts trucking companies list stand out for their exceptional service, reputation, reliability, and competitive pricing:

Clean Harbors

This is one of the oldest trucking companies in Massachusetts founded in 1980, specializing in cargo transportation across a wide range of industries like refinery and petrochemical, retail, pharmaceuticals, engineering, and healthcare.

Fisher Shipping

This trucking company in Massachusetts distinguishes itself for its excellence in car hauling.

CRST International

Founded in 1995, this trucking company exponentially leverages innovation and transparency in establishing it among the top 10 trucking companies in Massachusetts.

Braun's Express Inc

This is a privately owned and managed freight company catering for the logistic needs of the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast US.

First Call Trucking And Courier

First Call Trucking and Courier merits its place in this eminent Massachusetts trucking companies list for the speed and reliability of its shipping services. Becoming a truck driver for this company is an enviable feat due to the rigorous vetting process.

Sheridan Trucking Inc

Despite being a local trucking company, Sheridan Trucking Inc. efficiently serves the 48 Continental United States, leveraging its reliable network of carriers and local fleet.

Regency Transportation, Inc.

For the last 32 years, Regency has supplied the Mid-Atlantic states and New England with premium transportation and warehousing solutions.

J P Noonan Transportation Inc.

Starting from a humble beginning of a heating oil and ice delivery business in 1959, this trucking company has admirably transformed into one of the biggest petroleum transportation companies in Massachusetts.

Garvey Transport Inc.

Founded in the 1940s and run privately by the Garvey family for the first 20 years, Garvey Transport Inc. has grown in leaps and bounds into one of the most renowned trucking companies in Massachusetts, serving the New England axis.

Sullivan Transportation

Sullivan has more than five decades of experience under its belt with an enviable reputation of providing reliable solutions (cutting through transportation, distribution, third-party logistics, and warehousing) to Fortune 500 companies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Massachusetts Trucking Companies

There is no defined frequency for DOT compliance audits in Massachusetts as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) can carry an audit of your Massachusetts trucking company just anytime. The most prevalent trigger for such audits includes accidents, failing the New Entrant Safety Audit (NESA), and roadside inspection violations.

The number is not defined given the competitive nature of the trucking industry in Massachusetts. Nonetheless, there are tens of reputable heavy hauling companies (providing hundreds of truck driving jobs) operating through Boston and other mega commercial cities in Massachusetts.

This is a private motor carrier or a for-hire motor carrier operating in the state of Massachusetts. This umbrella covers the motor carrier's representatives, officers, employees, and agents fulfilling the responsibilities of hiring, training, and assigning drivers as well as employees catering for inspection, maintenance, and installation of motor vehicle equipment and accessories as a Massachusetts trucking company.

The FMSCA is responsible for issuing the MC number to trucking companies operating across state lines. Filing for permanent authority costs $300, applying for reinstatement of authority costs $80, while filing for Name change notice costs $14.

To become a transportation provider in Massachusetts, you need to get a business license, registration in the city where you would be conducting your business, proof of vehicle insurance, and possibly providing a roster of personnel. You may also have to undergo an alcohol and drug test and inspection of your maintenance files.

After figuring out your business plan, you need to procure compliance like the CDL license, USDOT and MC Number, BOC - 3 Form, and IRP Credential and IFTA Decal, and HVUT (FHUT).

In addition to getting truck(s) for your company, you need to make provision for mandatory expenses like insurance (for truck accident or imminent hazard), registering your business entity, and operational costs like maintenance and parking. You also have to factor in expenditures like paying your truck driver.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Massachusetts

Opening trucking companies in Massachusetts involves some registration costs. The primary compliance requirements for local trucking companies include:

USDOT and MC Number

A USDOT and MC Number are required for starting a trucking company in Massachusetts. The USDOT Number establishes your company as an authorized player in the interstate commerce businesses. Additionally, the MC Number confirms your company as a career business transporting regulated commodities between states.

Both the MC and USDOT Number typically cost about $300 and can be procured by filing an application through the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) website. This also involves identifying your company operation, types of operating vehicles, cargo classification, driver status, and operation classification. Upon the completion of the application, approval could take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks.

BOC - 3 Form

This is another mandatory requirement for trucking companies in Massachusetts aiming to conduct interstate business. This is a legal confirmation that your trucking company is authorized to run business in every state your trucks ply. Applying for the BOC - 3 Form in Massachusetts could cost you about $20-$40.


This is known as the heavy highway vehicle use tax. This fee is calculated every year based on your large trucks (weighing at least 55,000 pounds) plying public highways. In Massachusetts, the HVUT fee is calculated by adding the maximum load your truck usually carries to the unloaded weight of your truck. The HVUT tax costs around $100 with an extra $22 for every 1000 pound exceeding the 55,000 bar, for every truck used by your professional truck drivers.

IRP Credential and IFTA Decal

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Decal and International Registration Plan (IRP) Credential are required licenses to operate across Massachusetts lines. The IFTA decal is cheap, costing an estimated $10 annually. The IRP credential is calculated from the percentage mileage your trucks run in each state. The IRP could cost an annual $1,700 averagely.

Insurance Costs for Massachusetts Trucking Companies

Accidents and other liabilities associated with trucking businesses in Massachusetts can come at a high financial cost. Averagely, payouts for a commercial truck accident can cost you $59,000. This makes it essential to deflect these liabilities (and other imminent hazards) to a reputable insurance company in Massachusetts.

Insurance for trucking companies in Massachusetts can cost between $9,000-$12,000 annually per truck. Customarily, this premium varies depending on parameters like the type of coverage, safety defects, company driver experience, truck model, and year.

List of Trucking Companies in Massachusetts

Are you looking for the best Massachusetts trucking companies and motor carriers in your city? We have saved you all that pain by diligently curating some of the most reputable trucking companies operating in each city in Massachusetts:

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