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Trucking Companies in Michigan

Trucking Companies in Michigan

You can find an abundance of trucking companies in Michigan because of the increased demand for transportation services. Not only is there an increased demand for local trucking companies, but professional drivers as well!

That's why you can find more people either interested in finding a truck driving job or creating their own company. Before you get into the industry, know more about the top companies and costs to expect.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Michigan

Who reigns the trucking industry in the state? Check out these top 10 trucking companies in Michigan, known for their excellent services and great driver job opportunities:

Rush Trucking Corporation

This Michigan trucking company has been in the business for over 35 years, with multiple hubs and an ever-growing fleet. They offer a full-truckload service for any business's over-the-road transport needs, catering to areas in the Midwestern and Southern United States.

Hutt Trucking Co., Inc.

Hutt Trucking Co. offers various cargo and freight services, having been in business for over 30 years now. Today, they have more than 50 trucks, 120 trailers, and over 200,000 sq. ft. of warehousing located in West Michigan!

B&B Trucking Inc.

This family-owned trucking company has been around since 1969 and is now one of the placeholders in the Top Green Fleets In the United States. What makes the unique over other companies is their dedicated fleet and how they recycle over 60% of generated waste from their 20,000 sq. ft. shop!

United Road Services Inc.

Being in the business since 1997, this is THE Auto transportation expert who patented the OVISS technology. This, along with professional company drivers, is what ensures topnotch delivery services across all their clients, along with the fleet of over 6,000 trucks.

James Burg Trucking Company

They are best known for their regional flatbed services, with over 90 fleets of trucks and awards to prove their excellent reputation. They have been working since 1984 and only ensure the best for their customer base.

Great Lakes Heavy Haul

This heavy haul Michigan trucking company transports heavy machinery and has various fleet options with warehousing. They use 20 standard flatbeds with useful features and also offer their stretch trailers, forklifts, lowboys, and step decks.

West Michigan Transport LLC

While the transportation company has only been around for 13 years, they have vast experience and offer multiple services. With 70 owner-operators and a carrier base of more than 5,000 contracted carrier partners, you can see why they continue to grow and stay trusted by their clients.

Causley Trucking Inc.

Causley Trucking Inc. has been around since 1941 and currently operates a team of 45 qualified drivers and various terminals in Michigan. Besides their transportation services, they also provide third-party Auto Testing and other Advanced Solutions.

Miller Truck and Storage Company

This Michigan trucking company was incorporated 60 years ago by Leo Miller. Today, they provide Industrial Rigging Services, as well as high-tech equipment installation and specialized machinery transport.

JK Transport

This is one of the top local trucking companies in Michigan, working with Fortune 500 corporations and other smaller businesses. JK Transport is the certified Michigan motor freight trucking carrier, a member of the official Michigan Trucking Association with over 100 trailers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Michigan Trucking Companies

What else is there to learn about starting a truck company in Michigan? Check out these frequently asked questions:

You will need to report to the Department of Transportation at least once a year for registration purposes.

Based on data from Thomas Industry Update, there are 12 heavy haul trucking companies in Michigan.

A motor carrier in Michigan refers to an owner operator or trucking company that manages and controls fleets of commercial motor vehicles. These vehicles can range from trucks to trailers, tractors to flatbeds, used to transport various properties or assets to other areas.

A motor carrier number in Michigan is required to provide transportation services, which you can obtain through applying in the state's DOT. Submit the application form and any specific requirements about your business, drivers, and trucks.

You will need to check with Michigan's Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC). Contact your local CTC to get the contracting requirements to be submitted before you become a transportation provider.

You can start a trucking company in Michigan by readying a business plan and capital investment of about $500,000. When you have the finances and a timeline with feasible goals, you can begin making the investments on trucks, drivers, and other operational necessities.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Michigan

In Michigan, the registration fees for single-unit trucks are as follows:

  • $39 for commercial pickups that weigh 4,000 pounds or below
  • $49 for commercial pickups that weigh 5,000 pounds
  • $1.40 per 100 pounds for trucks (not a combination) that weigh between 2,500 to 7,999 pounds
  • $2.72 per 100 pounds for trucks (not a combination) that weigh 8,000 pounds and above, with an additional $5 fee
  • $378 for trucks that have a gross weight of 24,000 pounds
  • $2,398 for trucks that have a gross weight of over 160,000 pounds

As for farm trucks, it is only 74 cents per 100 pounds of empty weight, with an additional $5 fee.

On average, expect to pay between $55 to $190 for farm trucks or single-unit trucks, respectively. As for heavy-unit trucks, the average registration fee is $975.

Insurance Costs for Michigan Trucking Companies

Truck insurance in Michigan depends on a variety of factors, from the coverage you need and any additional liabilities and add-ons you'd like the truck to have.

Usually, insurance companies require at least a $100,000 coverage for every big rig. Because of this, expect to pay at least $220 a month for every truck you own.

This does not include insurance required for your business and truck driver team.

List of Trucking Companies in Michigan

You can refer to this Michigan trucking companies list to know more about the state's industry:

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