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Trucking Companies in Nebraska

Trucking Companies in Nebraska

Nebraska may occupy a spot in the American conscience as ‘hot, dry and flat’, but the entire ‘Great Plains’ area is also key to the agricultural needs of the whole country. Dominated by Highway 80, it has a great arterial route of highways stretching to all corners of the state, with traffic whizzing down it at all hours. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Nebraska trucking companies move about 76% of the freight in this state. Nor that, for 48% of counties here, it’s the only way to move freight at all!

Trucking also accounts for 1 in 12 jobs, meaning about 63,000 drivers taking trucking jobs throughout the state. With an emphasis on agricultural produce throughout the Nebraska economy, you’ll find sophisticated flatbed, tanker and refrigerated fleets here. Daily, they ensure that grain, bulk liquid, meat, and other produce arrives at its destination safely, and trucking is a critical part of the economic heartbeat of the state.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Nebraska

Before we bring you our Nebraska trucking companies list, let’s look at the companies that are setting the standards for service in the state. From outstanding handling of customers to reliable, speedy delivery, these 10 companies will offer you the very best logistics and freight management in the state.

H&M Trucking

Originally brokering freight only to the midwest (and, of course, shipping grain), they have diversified into a nationwide asset-based service offering transportation and logistics, where every truck driving job is important.

Liquid Trucking Companies

This specialist fleet numbers in the top 30 tanker fleets in the United States, and focus on moving liquid bulk to where it needs to go.

Selden Trucking Inc

From only 2 trucks, they’ve risen to dominate the general freight transportation industry in Nebraska.

Crete Carrier Corporation

This privately owned trucking company offers dry vans, reefers, and flatbed trucks, and their fleet is over 5000 vehicles strong, with each company driver keeping up their huge reputation.

Nebraska Trucking Co

Arising from a humble owner-operator setup, this Nebraska trucking company now offers terminals throughout the state and even nationally.

Romans Motor Freight Inc

With a refrigerated truck line specializing in moving meat products, they’ve been servicing Nebraska with style for almost 100 years.

Grand Island Express Inc

With origins in moving and storage, they now also offer a refrigerated line and flatbed truck fleet to help you move your truckload cargo.

TSL Co Holdings

Alongside their transport fleet, they also have a chain of container depots to help your cargo get where you need it to be safe.

Daws Trucking

While they focus on flatbed transportation, they can assist with all agricultural and oversized loads too.

Brown Transfer Co

Into their 4th generation of family ownership, this general haul fleet has a depot network, reputation for customer service, and a dependable track record that’s hard to beat.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nebraska Trucking Companies

IFTA reports are filed quarterly, and everything else will be handled annually. Large fleets can get multi-year permits at a greater cost if needed.

Agriculture is the primary focus here, so dry van and refrigerated fleets/tanker fleets outnumber the heavy haul trucks here. While it’s a smaller niche (roughly 20% of firms), however, it’s not unrepresented, and mainly moves agricultural machinery around the state.

If you operate a commercial vehicle, passenger or cargo, for profit, you are a motor carrier.

You can get your unified carrier registration from the Nebraska DoT.

DMVs in the state handle transportation providers in Nebraska, so you will want to start with them.

Alongside registering as a business, you will need to approach the FMCSA for USDOT and MC numbers, then the DoT for your unified carrier registration and other permits.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Nebraska

If our list of trucking companies in Nebraska has got you wondering what goes into starting a freight business, we’ve got the answers you need.

It all starts with registering a business. Truckers mostly use LLC or INC formats. Filling an LLC will cost you $120, with $150 publication fees and a $26 annual report. Incorporation is much cheaper, $65, with the same publication and reporting fees. Cost shouldn’t be your only reason to choose a format, however, be sure it will accommodate you as you grow your fleet, too.

The next stop is the FMCSA, which will assist with your USDOT and MC Carrier numbers. Combined, these will cost around $500, depending on the fleet size. Your unified carrier registration will set you back from $59 for 2 trucks or less, with larger fleets paying more.

IFTA is filed every 3 months, at a cost of $150. You will also need your IRP plates, which will set you back $500- $3000, again depending on fleet size. The Nebraska DoT has a convenient online portal for many of these services which you can use, and you’ll also see if you need any special permits there, too.

Overall, you can probably register a small fleet for under $3,000, but remember that registration costs are not all you’ll need to have lined up if you’re going to make a success of yourself in the trucking industry. From operating costs to insurance, make sure you have a solid business plan before you open your doors.

Insurance Costs for Nebraska Trucking Companies

The good news for local trucking companies is that Nebraska is a pretty cheap state to insure in. You’ll be looking at average annual costs between $6,200 and $8,600. While this is below the national average, there’s no need to overpay on premiums. Be sure to tighten up on each truck driver you employ, make sure to avoid a truck accident pushing your premium higher, and maintain your fleet regularly.

List of Trucking Companies in Nebraska

Now you’ve seen what the top 10 trucking companies in Nebraska bring to the table, you’ll be better placed to find the perfect freight partner for your needs. We’ve assembled this comprehensive list to help you, handily broken down by county.

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