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Trucking Companies in New Hampshire

Trucking Companies in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire trucking industry has fast become indispensable to its economy. With this in mind, there’s been huge pressure from within the state to improve both the highway network and the behavior of drivers using it, and these have been mostly successful. Many communities here depend solely on trucks to move their goods, and we see a strong partnership between drivers and smaller businesses too.

The industry itself provides just under 27,000 trucking jobs via 4,100 companies in this state. Those companies transport 98% of the goods produced here daily, keeping commerce pumping. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at trucking companies in New Hampshire. Who’s performing at the top of the list? Where can you find the perfect freight partner? How do you go about registering a company here, and getting your own slice of the action? We look at all of this, and more, below.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in New Hampshire

What New Hampshire trucking companies stand out from the rest? Here we look at the 10 companies providing seamless, efficient service with a smile, and the very best in quality, reliable transportation across a variety of niches:

Mercer Transportation Company

This reliable fleet offers well over 1,000 trucks, with experienced company drivers and a great track record for customer service.

Ross Express

With a 99% on-time track record, logistics and freight experience, and a positive attitude, this New Hampshire trucking company has made its mark.

Normandeau Inc

Alongside their conventional freight shipments, they can assist with disposal and recycling and transfer trailers.

JP Noonan Transportation Company

Alongside offering tankers for gasoline, propane, diesel, and even jet fuel; they also transport dry bulk goods. They have specialized trucks for plastic pellets and wastewater too.

Rust Auto Shippers

This specialized motor vehicle-moving fleet, they offer commercial services as well as personalized vehicle shipping for individuals- including to Hawaii.

Manchester Motor Freight

A fully owner-operator fleet, they offer intermodal drayage for New Hampshire and surrounds, including flatbed.

Jewell Transport

This transportation company specializes in oversized loads and heavy haul. They even have stretch and steerable trailers among their fleet, and every truck driving job is treated as special.

Penn Tank Lines

This leading regional bulk petroleum shipper operates through several states as well as New Hampshire.

P & H Transportation

This is a fully licensed ICC common carrier for petroleum and related goods. From heating oil delivery to bulk motor oils, they do a little bit of everything. Including, of course, diesel fuel and gasoline transportation.

Rising Star Transportation

From origins in the moving industry, this fleet has grown and grown. Today they can help you with exotic car transportation, commercial and residential relocation, furniture moving, and even vehicle transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions about New Hampshire Trucking Companies

Other than your quarterly IFTA reports, you will file most things annually, including your CDL training.

Of the almost 30,000 truck jobs in the state, a little under 10,000 are heavy haul.

Motor carriers are those who manage and operate a commercial vehicle, be it passenger or cargo.

You can get your Unified carrier registration from the Department of Safety in New Hampshire.

You can find helpful information about becoming a transportation provider through this portal.

Starting a trucking company in New Hampshire involves registering a business, applying for your USDOT and MC Carrier with the FMCSA, your Unified carrier registration, and a variety of permits. Don’t forget to insure your fleet, either!

Trucking Company Registration Costs in New Hampshire

Now you’ve seen what the top 10 trucking companies in New Hampshire have to offer, let’s take a closer look at what it took them to get to their current greatness. Opening a trucking business in New Hampshire starts with filing an LLC or incorporating. In this state, you will pay the same $100 to register either format, and a further $100 annually in reportage. The growth-and-tax-structures are different for each, however, so be sure to liaise with your accountant or financial advisor to make the wisest choice.

Once that is out of the way, you need to head over to the FMCSA. They will assist you with your MC Carrier number ($100 +, depending on fleet size) and USDOT number. Unified carrier registration is handled by the New Hampshire Department of Safety. Costs start at $59 for up to 2 trucks, and escalate on fleet size. Heavy Use Tax ($100-$500 per truck) is applicable to most freight fleets, and other permits (such as overweight or oversize) may be needed.

Lastly, you will need your IRP/Apportioned plates ($100+) and Fuel Tax (IFTA). IFTA reports are filed every 3 months, and will set you back $150 a time.

Remember that these registration costs for local trucking companies aren’t the only cost you’ll face in your first months, however. Aim to have about 3 months of utilities and other costs saved up before you open for business.

Insurance Costs for New Hampshire Trucking Companies

Insurance costs for those on our list of trucking companies in New Hampshire are pretty average. We found prices between $6,800 to $11,500 for a well-maintained tractor-trailer.

Insurance for trucks is often the highest annual costs faced by trucking companies nationally, especially if you are unlucky enough to have a truck accident. So be sure to take a little time to manage your outlay as much as possible. Great safety records from each truck driver, proactive maintenance, and up-to-date technology and security investments will help keep premiums low.

List of Trucking Companies in New Hampshire

If you’re looking for a comprehensive New Hampshire trucking companies list, look no further! We’ve assembled the best resource around to help you find a trucking company that’s perfect for your needs.

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Bryce B

Don’t work here. They will promise you bonuses for safe driving and then withhold them from you.



If you want an unreliable company that will jerk you around then Jorker is your go to. I would never use them again


R. Kelly

On April 15 they did some work at my neighbors house across the street. When they finished one of the workers urinated in the street in front of the house. Disgusting and unprofessional.