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Trucking Companies in New Jersey

Trucking Companies in New Jersey

New Jersey is a trade hub, with the transportation infrastructure here keeping cargo flowing seamlessly. It’s something of a crossroads for domestic freight, but also a kingpin for global commerce on the East Coast.

Of this, trucks move 75% of the 600 million tons of goods shifted annually. Trucking companies here are highly regulated, but it’s still a thriving port for trucking driving job seekers. Projected future growth in trucking jobs over 5 years is 6%. This would create employment opportunities for both independent contractors and fleet trucking services. This means well over 55,000 truckers working in the industry, with more to come, and trucking is important to the commercial heart of New Jersey.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in New Jersey

Now you know more about the daily reality faced by trucking companies in New Jersey, it’s time to look at who is doing their best. Our list of the top 10 trucking companies in New Jersey looked at reliability, customer service, and safety to help us find the stand-out operators. Here they are:

Trans American Trucking Service Inc

From their Plainfield base, this New Jersey trucking company operates nationwide and in Canada too. It’s a heavy haul specialist company, and no load is too big or too awkward.

Gray Trucking

Alongside truckload and LTL services, they offer hazardous material handling. They can also assist with plant/warehouse relocation and transport, should your firm be on the move.

MJD Trucking

MJD is still family-owned, from an owner operator setup. They specialize in consolidation and load support, as well as truckload, LTL, cold storage and refrigerated vans, and cross-docking for ocean freight.

On Time Trucking Inc

There’s nothing this family-owned company doesn’t cover, it seems. Distribution and labeling, consolidation and warehousing, expedited and weekend delivery, lift-gate, truckload, and LTL are all on the list.

Dameo Trucking

Dameo cares about clean trucking, and supports environmental changes in the trucking industry. They are well known on the list of bulk shipping companies, especially of bulk plastics, as well as packaging and warehousing services.

Resources Trucking

Among local trucking companies, they offer asset-based warehousing and distribution. LTL, truckload, FTL, air-ride, and oversize/overweight shipping are all services they offer.

Ho-Ro Trucking

Despite competitive pricing, this trucking company in New Jersey keeps its flatbed trailers, stretch trailers, and step deck trailers perfectly maintained and has a great safety record. They still manage to pay each company driver fairly for their labor, too.

John Curry Inc

Once moving freight via horse and wagon, this long-established company has a vast fleet, including dry vans, to put at your service. Their refrigerated services are perhaps what they’re best known for, but they offer a flatbed shipment fleet too, for heavy hauling.

Shawnee Trucking Co Inc

Making innovative use of the latest tech to keep their fleet moving, they offer intermodal services, trucking, and warehousing.

Mecca and Sons Trucking Co Inc

This is one of the oldest trucking companies in New Jersey, so it should come as no surprise that they offer a ton of services. From drayage, logistics, and warehousing; to LTL, LCL, and repackaging/reconditioning, they can help with it all. They also offer heavy equipment lifting and, interestingly, bulking/debulking for green coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions about New Jersey Trucking Companies

As with the rest of the United States, you will report IFTA every three months. Permits, licenses, and CDL training are handled yearly, except for large fleets that can opt for multi-year payments.

Heavy hauling is a thriving industry here. Of the 450 fleets represented by the NJ Motor truck Association, around 205 have heavy hauling options.

Owners, managers and those who lease commercial vehicles (both trucks and passenger vehicles) are Motor Carriers.

The New Jersey state DOT has all the information you need to register a truck company in the state. This includes how to get a motor carrier number.

Logisti-care handles the recruitment of transportation providers in New Jersey. The local DoH has the info you need.

Starting a trucking company in New Jersey needs you to plan your business strategy properly, seeking funding and registering a company. You can then apply for permits for your truck(s), and register with the FMCSA and the New Jersey DoT.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in New Jersey

Before you can legally operate a firm like those on our New Jersey trucking companies list, there’s legal permitting to sort out. Your company will need it’s USDOT and MC carrier number, with a combined total cost of around $500. These should be acquired through the FMCSA. Before you can file, however, you will need to create a company to operate through, even if you will be the Owner Operator.

Incorporation and LLC filing costs the same ($125) in New Jersey, as does their annual reporting ($50). You may want to chat with qualified legal counsel, however, as there are differences in growth capabilities and tax structures to understand. Once those, and your USDOT numbers, are in hand you can approach the New Jersey state DOT. They can also assist with IFTA ($600 a year, filed 3 monthly) and IRP ($100+). This is also where you will sort your own CDL license, if applicable.

With these in hand, and a BOC-3 filled if you will operate in several states, you should be good to move onto your fleet and insurance.

Insurance Costs for New Mexico Trucking Companies

Unfortunately, when it comes to insurance, there’s some bad news for New Jersey trucking companies. This state is one of the most expensive in which to insure a truck. A newish, well-maintained tractor trailer will set you back $20,200 -$20,700 a year. Ouch!

All you can do in the face of such steep premiums is ensure you hire experienced truck drivers, avoid the rig getting into a truck accident, make sure to carefully tailor the insurance coverage to match your needs, and generally keep an accident-free, safe fleet. This will help lower your premiums.

List of Trucking Companies in New Jersey

Are you looking for a list of trucking companies in New Jersey you can trust? We’ve compiled the ultimate resource to help you find the right freight company, be it logistics, supply chain, warehousing, or any other trucking partner you need.

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do not reccommend this company they do not pay we have invoices over 1 year old