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Trucking Companies in New Mexico

Trucking Companies in New Mexico

Before we dive straight into our New Mexico trucking companies list, let’s take a little peek at the overall industry in this state. New Mexico relies heavily on its truckers. It’s estimated they move 89% of the goods and freight within this state daily- even a temporary disruption to the industry can cause commercial chaos at all levels.

The industry here employs about 32,500 people, so work in the trucking industry isn't just another job here- almost everyone knows a professional truck driver or two. The state is powered mostly on the back of the mining industry, with a rich mineral heritage that needs the trucking power to move it. There’s also plenty of lighter freight and industry, making trucking companies in New Mexico both diverse and talented.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in New Mexico

Before we get to our New Mexico trucking companies list below, it’s worth taking a look at the local trucking companies that are setting the standard. Here are the 10 motor carriers who have consistent performance ratings and great customer satisfaction:

Brady Trucking

For reliable and safe truckload and flatbed truck driving services, look no further than this bulk hauling giant.

Triple S Trucking Co

This could be the most one-stop fluid trucking company in New Mexico! Able to help with fluid management, produced water, vacuum tanks and even transporting fluids to/from drilling rigs, if there’s liquid involved, they can do it.

Omega Trucking

This dedicated door-to-door company is as reliable locally as internationally. It also has its own brokerage division to ensure each truck driving job gets the very best.

CGL Transport LLC

With a vast chemical and distribution network to call on, this is another specialized trucking company in New Mexico you need on your side. Full truckload, heavy LTL, and ISO tanker, as well as more mainstream commercial truck needs, are on offer.

CAST Transportation

From Hazardous material and nuclear waste transportation to unusual commercial and even military cargo, they do it all. This specialized rare-load and oversized load New Mexico trucking company is waiting to hear from you.

Fortune Transportation

This freight firm has a reputation as a great employee, taking care to match company drivers with the right truck job for their rig and their talents.

Wilbanks Trucking Services LLC

This is another interesting and specialized company, offering their unique expertise to the oil rigging industry. From all-in-one logistics to trucks manned always by a professional driver with the know-how you want, look to them if you need a partner in the industry.

DATS Trucking

This LTL fleet has 16 service centers in 5 states, helping to get cargo where it needs to be.

Waggoners Trucking

Single carrier fleets and professional truck drivers are the basis for this company’s stellar reputation, especially in moving hazardous material as well as more general freight.

New Mexico Transloading

This company offers a variety of specialist trucks, each with a truck driver who knows how to handle the load intimately.

Frequently Asked Questions about New Mexico Trucking Companies

IFTA reports need to be filed every quarter, while licenses are renewed annually/bi-annually. Some one-off permits need only be applied for on a case-by-case basis for a unique shipment. You can also get your commercial driver's license here too.

Heavy haul services and specialized services outnumber general truck diving work here, as the considerable heavy haul needs of the rich mining and oil industry in New Mexico are met by the local trucking industry.

If you are in charge, in any small way, of commercial haulage or commercial passenger vehicle, you are a motor carrier.

You can find out more about your universal and motor carrier numbers on this local government portal.

You can consider becoming a non-emergency transportation provider, or enroll directly via this NEMT page.

Establishing a trucking company in New Mexico will need you to establish an LLC/INC, apply for a range of permits and registrations with the DoT and FMCSA as we looked at above, and then register for tax as well.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in New Mexico

Even our top 10 trucking companies in New Mexico had to start small. The very first step to owning your own fleet is deciding on the right type of company format to use. Costs are pretty cheap in New Mexico, with LC filing costing $50 and Incorporation $100.

Of course, the registration costs don’t stop there. You will need to make sure you register for your FMCSA USDOT and MC carrier authority, for about $500 depending on fleet size, before you go any further. With those in hand, you can then access the New Mexico MVD, based in Albuquerque for commercial vehicles. This will allow you to organize your universal carrier registration. They can also assist with your IRP ($100 and around $25 per plate) and IFTA ($150 x4). They also have a permit portal for other permits such as heavy use and overweight you may need.

Pretty much all the information you need to register your fleet can be found on those two sites. Remember, however, that the costs don’t stop there. You will also need to budget to make sure you can purchase or lease your fleet, as well as insure it. If you’re wise, you will have the first few months’ operating costs in hand too, to provide a safety net.

Insurance Costs for New Mexico Trucking Companies

We do have some great news for trucking companies in New Jersey- your insurance premiums are some of the lowest in the nation. You’ll pay between $7,000- $10,000 for a tractor-trailer for the year.

While it’s sometimes tempting to skimp on insurance coverage to offset costs, if you're an owner-operator it’s simply not worth it. The losses you’ll incur with inadequate coverage in a truck accident are too high. You can, however, negotiate your policy and ensure you aren’t over-paying, either.

List of Trucking Companies in New Mexico

Looking for help moving your goods, or in need of a shipping, logistics and warehousing partner? We’ve assembled a comprehensive list of trucking companies in New Mexico below.

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