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New York Trucking Companies

New York Trucking Companies

In April 2014, there were almost 40,000 trucking companies in New York and Long Island, and this number has only grown since. Almost 1 in 27 jobs, or 275,000 people, work in the industry, and the city relies on them to move 90% of its goods daily.

Despite this, a vast majority of the firms remain small firms, and even owner operator or family fleets. The industry here has also revolutionized the way environmental impacts and trucks interact, setting new standards in fuel economy and anti-pollution measures.

Top 10 New York Trucking Companies

Before we look at our general New York trucking companies list, let’s first take a look at the trendsetters in this state. Here are 10 firms who are delivering consistently good service, great value for money, and are on-time, every-time:

Super Pak Trucking Services

Offering same-day delivery, rush transportation, and countrywide overweight and general freight services, they’ve established themselves in the NYC trucking industry as a firm that takes each truck driving job seriously.

Top Road Inc

This New York trucking company offers slick drayage services and freight shipping, run from air and seaport terminals to destinations throughout the East Coast.

New York Heavy Trucking Corp

It doesn’t matter what size your equipment is, they will get it where it needs to be in New York State. From stretch flatbeds and ultra-low beds to double-drop decks, they have everything they need to offer you superb heavy haul trucking.

Central Transport

Specializing in LTL, they cover a network of over 200 service centers.

Mo Trucking

For time-sensitive, same-day, truckload, or LTL, look no further! They can also assist with expedited shipping and even airport pickups for freight.

Oz Trucking and Rigging Corporation

Operating for a century in the NYC area, this trucking business offers truckload, LTL, expedited, white glove, and HVP transportation to every corner of the United States.

Transnational Logistics

Full truckload and storage/logistics/warehousing services are on offer here. From ocean container deliveries and storage to on-site truck driver job training for company driver candidates, they do a little bit of everything, and they do it well.

Ward Transportation

Growing from a 2 truck transportation service to a fleet of well over 600, these Bronx natives know what’s needed to deliver quality service each and every time.

ABF Freight

Well over 10,000 people help make this firm the LTL specialists for the East Coast.


Norman’s has some interesting areas of specialization in the trucking industry- seafood and pharmaceuticals. They run refrigerated trucks and professional truck drivers that will get your temperature-sensitive cargo where it needs to be, safe and sound every time.

Frequently Asked Questions about New York Trucking Companies

Other than IFTA reports, which you must submit every 3 months, you can apply for most other permits and licenses annually.

The trucking industry is big in New York, and so it should come as no surprise that heavy haul is also a key area for stat trucking companies, with at least 30% specializing in heavy haul, and others offering partial services.

If you lease/own/manage a commercial vehicle, you will be a motor carrier. This pertains to passenger firms as well as freight solutions.

You can get your motor carrier number in New York through the DOT.

You can find the paperwork you need to become a transportation provider (or NEMT) in New York on this link.

New York trucking companies must first consolidate through an LLC or INC format. They should then consult the FMCSA and the New York DOT for the permits and registration fees required. IRP and IFTA are United States-wide and will also need to be arranged.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in New York

New York has always had something of an air of mystery about it, but when it comes to getting on the list of trucking companies in New York, the procedure’s pretty much like anywhere else.

Start by incorporating, or establishing an LLC. Incorporation is cheaper ($145) in New York, and there is no LLC publication fee ($425-1200) to consider, as there would be registering an LLC ($210). However, there are differences in the tax structure you should also consider before making a final decision.

Your next port of call is to get your USDOT and MC number issued through the FMCSA. Then you will need your unified carrier registration from the NYC DoT ($59 upward). Here you will also be able to check up on other permits you may need, from your own CDL training or license to overweight/oversize permits and more. Don’t forget to file a BOC-3 if you intend to operate in several states. You should also get your IFTA ($600 per annum) and IRP ($100) in order. Many of the forms to do this can be found here.

Once these key permits are in place, you will be well on your way to starting your own trucking company in New York. Remember, however, that insurance and operating fees are likely to be the heaviest costs in your early months, not the registration costs.

Insurance Costs for New York Trucking Companies

New York is, regrettably, one of the priciest places in which to ensure a commercial vehicle. Surprisingly for the Big Apple’s reputation, however, it’s not the most expensive! Local trucking companies expect to pay around $16,500-$17,500 for a tractor-trailer in good condition annually.

List of Trucking Companies in New York

Now we’ve looked at the top 10 trucking companies in New York, it’s time to find you the ideal freight partner, too. We’ve assembled a comprehensive resource of truckers below, from small owner-operator set-ups to international logistics solutions:

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