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Trucking Companies in North Carolina

Trucking Companies in North Carolina

North Carolina has an interesting challenge - there are more truck driving jobs available here than there are drivers to take them! While the industry grew about 16% recently, creating around 220,000 trucking jobs in the state, the number of people employed in the trucking business only increased by 7%.

If you’re a truck driver looking for better pay and plenty of work, then this is the state to head to for a truck driving job. You can often also take advantage of in-house CDL training and other perks. Most firms are keen to keep high standards, but willing to relax the experience requirements in favor of finding dedicated staff to fill their many trucking jobs.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in North Carolina

What local trucking companies are getting it right? We’ve evaluated these top 10 fleets for customer service, value for money, and reliability:

Shaffer Trucking

There’s little need to sing the praises of this well-known company, which keeps drivers and customers happy. There’s little wonder they earned a spot on this list of trucking companies in North Carolina.

TG Stegall Trucking Company

From awesome pay and great benefits for its truckers to on-time, reliable shipments to its customers, this Charlotte-based North Carolina trucking company is getting it right.

Carolina Tank Lines

This firm has regional, coast-to-coast, and midwest routes, so your cargo will always get where it needs to go. This elite trucking service specializes in moving pharmaceuticals as well as other freight.

Anderson Trucking Service

With great opportunities for OTR drivers on hand, Anderson Trucking Service has strict hiring requirements for each company driver and offers a range of transportation services in the state.

Best Cartage

The brain-child of two owner operator truck drivers, this is now a massive fleet including almost everything, including flatbed trucks. Their list of services is huge, from same-day truckload to multimodal freight brokerage and highly specialized shipments.

Inman Trucking Inc

These leaders in climate-controlled long haul also have a solid reputation as a great and caring employer. You can hire single truck drivers or team drivers, depending on your cargo needs, an interesting new pattern in the trucking industry.

Marten Transport Ltd

They have a focus on building the character of each truck driver, as well as providing great service to their client. OTR, regional, intermodal, dedicated refrigeration and temperature-controlled truckload services, and even brokerage assistance are offered. They also run freight to Mexico.


From 3 trucks to a dedicated fleet offering logistics, intermodal transport, OTR, and much more. KLLM is always on time and delivers your cargo safely.

Old Dominion Freight Line Inc

From household goods to expedited cargo, for shipping companies, they do a little bit of everything. They also have a strong focus on ethical, people-focused business.

Cargo Transporters Inc

This fleet has been in operation for over 3 centuries, a remarkable track record of good service! Today it offers a huge and diverse fleet for all your freight needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about North Carolina Trucking Companies

Aim for a trip to the DMV once a year to renew annual licenses. Your IFTA, however, has to have reports filed once every three months.

Despite some mining activity in the area, North Carolina places more emphasis on general goods shipping than heavy haul. There are still heavy haul services available here, however, with close to ⅓ of firms registered with North Carolina Trucking Association offering some services in the area.

The term ‘motor carrier’ refers to anyone in control of a commercial freight or passenger vehicle. This can be a leased or owned vehicle, and even simply managed.

After you have got your USDOT and MC number organized with the FMCSA, you will get your Unified Carrier Registration from the North Carolina DMV.

Becoming a NEMT transportation provider helps hurt people get the help they need. The registration portal can be found here.

Starting a trucking company begins with registering your company properly, for tax and administrative purposes. From there, the FMCSA and the North Carolina DMV will help you get your truck permits and registrations in order, including your IRP and IFTA.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in North Carolina

Are you looking to join our North Carolina trucking companies list? Well, you won’t be able to proceed with your registrations until you’ve set up a proper tax entity. Most truckers in this state opt for either an LLC or a Corporation, both of which cost $125. You’ll also need to make sure you have enough cash on hand for your first few months’ expenses.

Trucking companies in North Carolina must also hold a range of permits and registrations specific to trucking in this state. You will start at the FMCSA, which will help you get your motor carrier and USDOT number. This will set you back about $300.

Then proceed to get your unified carrier authority from the North Carolina DMV ($69). You will also need to organize for IRP ($100 and $25 per plate) and IFTA ($600 annually). You can file a BOC-3 form if you will operate between several states for free.

Now is also the time to contemplate if you need special permits for specific fleet trucks or loads. These could include your ‘heavy use’ permitting or even overweight/oversize permits. You can access the North Carolina DMV trucking portal for more information here.

Altogether, you should expect your first few month’s trading to set you back a lot of cash. Be prepared with loans or start-up capital to float costs and insurance, as well as these registration costs, if you want your company to thrive.

Insurance Costs for North Carolina Trucking Companies

Truckers in North Carolina pay right on the United States’ average when it comes to trucking insurance. Expect to pay around $7,500 to $10,600 a year for a standard tractor-trailer.

List of Trucking Companies in North Carolina

Now you’ve seen what the top 10 trucking companies in North Carolina have to offer their customers, you have a great benchmark to find your own freight partner. We’ve gathered this comprehensive North Carolina trucking companies directory just for you:

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Charnigga S. Hubbard

Worse service ever and I was just the LOTLIZARD.... (302)467-8958....FREE, FREE, FREE......................



Honestly I thought this was a good company. Good loads. Home weekends. But owner is and can be rude. Talks to you disrespectful. There's an accent so it's frustrating not understanding. But he doesn't take care of his equipment. He doesn't do direct deposit so they deposit checks in your account. Deposited my last check and it returned for insufficient funds and he doesn't want to make it right. They've threatened to give bad reference on me for employment verification because I posted another review. They will tell you to skip scales in Kentucky. Protect your license. A few months ago I would have given this company a 5. Less than 1 now.


reviewed 3B TRUCKING LLC

I have dealt with trucking for over 11 years now and i will say this is by FAR one of the most unprofessional, racist, catty, degrading, gossiping, lying, excuse making, NON-PAYING, set you up for failure "companies" i have ever been involved with. These people will have you breaking the clock, extreme lack of communication when needed but would call at 2:30 am for absolutely NOTHING, Will put your spouse on board and in group texts only to harass them, will mislead you and guide you down a path for THEIR benefit ONLY! Is NOT in compliance w DOT at ALL!!! Will cut off fuel card to try to leave you stranded. Will threaten to fight you!! will write up fake statements and settlements to pretty much explain why they're taking every dime of your pay and in the end will write up a false settlement saying you owe them THOUSANDS!!??? ?? i could go on and on but i am sure whoever is reading gets the point. STAY AWAY for your own good and protect your business, and brand, protect your money and mental. You are worth it. Find a good solid company. Not this waste of time and hours of life.