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Trucking Companies in North Dakota

Trucking Companies in North Dakota

We couldn’t bring you a list of trucking companies in North Dakota without touching a little on the industry in this state. There are more than 3,000 trucking firms registered here, and 1 in 11 people working in the state have a truck driving job or a job in the industry. In fact, 70% of the state’s manufactured produce moves on trucks annually.

Mining, the oil industry and agriculture are the predominant industries here. This makes for an interesting blend of dry and liquid van shipping, heavy haul and general freight needs. A challenging lineup for each shipping company and professional truck driver to attend to! This keeps North Dakota drivers on their toes and allows local trucking companies to run a variety of specialized services to meet their client’s needs.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in North Dakota

Before we look at our North Dakota trucking companies list below, we thought we’d start with the very best. We selected 10 companies known for reliable delivery, great customer service, and a commitment to their customers and truck drivers to do their best. Here’s what we found:

Britton Transport

Vans, flatbeds, step deck, oversized load, and even specialized livestock freight, are all on offer here.

Wayne Transports

This family-owned company also offers specialized freight. They handle asphalt, chemicals, petroleum and propane, and other bulk transport.

Brady Trucking

OTR and hazardous cargo are this North Dakota trucking company’s lifeblood. They also have a fleet of dump trucks and a superlative safety record through the owner-operator fleet of experienced truck drivers.

Hofmann Trucking

Pneumatic dry bulk hauling is a specialty here. NGL, OTR, long haul, and oil tank trucks are also on offer.

Black Hills Trading

Flatbed, oil field, water hauling, and brokerage services are their specialty. Their experienced drivers stand out from other North Dakota trucking companies, getting your goods safely where they need to go with pride in their trucking job every time.

J-Mar Enterprises

This family-owned firm has grown from 2 trucks to a whole fleet. Offering suitable candidates CDL training in-house, they pride themselves on treating every job and every truck driver as important.

Magnum Log

Truckload and LTL, warehousing and logistics, and even dedicated fleets and hazmat- what more could you want? Their great service and reliability, of course.

Bellerud Transport

In the North Dakota trucking industry, this is a name anyone will recognize for their professional drivers. Growing from strength to strength over 70 years, they continue to offer high standards across the industry.

Killoran Trucking

Logistics and brokerage, as well as general trucking, are all on offer at this well-established trucking company.

Wylie Trucking

Local, regional, and long haul roots are all on offer. With flatbed, heavy-duty, and specialized fleet members, experience in logistics and transportation, and expertise in supply chain management, they can assist with almost anything.

Frequently Asked Questions about North Dakota Trucking Companies

While IRP and other permits are either once-off or annual, IFTA is filed every 3 months.

Heavy haul is pretty important to this state- so much so, in fact, that they’ve had to make an elaborate system of permits to balance this with the winding country roads often found here.

Motor carriers are those responsible (managing, leasing, owning or otherwise) for commercial passengers or freight vehicles, like trucks.

NDDOT has the information and online services you need to deal with your universal fleet registration and even your FMCSA MC number.

This resource will link you directly to a page where you can find information and download the relevant forms.

Be sure to construct a solid business plan before you try to start a trucking company in North Dakota. There are permits from the local DOT as well as the FMCSA to acquire, as well as your IRP and IFTA reports to do. You will need to be a properly registered business, as well.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in North Dakota

If you’re hoping to become one of these top-class local trucking companies, then it starts with getting your setup registered. Whether you’re an owner-operator or have purchased/leased a large fleet, the steps are the same. First, consult with your CPA regarding the company structure. Incorporation costs $100 and LLC filing will cost $135. It’s important to make a selection based on your growth path and tax needs rather than just the filing fee, however!

Regardless of the format you choose, the registration process for trucking companies in North Dakota is pretty universal. Your first key steps lie with the FMCSA, and getting your USDOT and your MC carrier numbers sorted. This will cost around $500 in total, depending on fleet size. From there, head straight to NDDOT for your universal carrier registration. They also have a handy online portal for IRP ($100 +) and IFTA ($150 a quarter). Then file your BOC-3 (for free) if you will operate in several states. Lastly, organize any vehicle permits, heavy use tax and your own CDL license (if needed), and you’re pretty much done. Insurance and operating costs must also be considered when funding your new company.

Insurance Costs for North Dakota Trucking Companies

North Dakota offers comprehensive insurance for your fleet at fairly low prices. Expect to only pay between $6,400 and $9,200 per truck trailer per annum. While insurance will always be one of the largest costs in your fleet, it’s also important to have. This goes double for the contents of the freight you’re hauling on behalf of third parties!

List of Trucking Companies in North Dakota

Now you've seen the top 10 trucking companies in North Dakota, it’s time to find the shipping partner you need to boost your business. From large warehousing solutions to tiny owner-operator firms, we have assembled them all:

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