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Trucking Companies in Ohio

Trucking Companies in Ohio

Ohio boasts the 4th largest interstate highway system, and despite a robust rail service and great air/seaports, truck drivers and their rigs handle almost 70% of the freight needs of the state.

Approximately 45% of this is ‘through-freight’. This means goods which don't originate or end in the area itself. This makes Ohio a kingpin in the cargo needs of the rest of the United States too. With that said, another 41% originates locally. 10,000-15,000 trucks whizz down the roads daily, and well over 100,000 jobs depend on the trucking companies who work from here.

Intermodal access is fantastic in Ohio, given the rail, port and air infrastructure, and it’s been predicted that there will be 70% growth in the trucking industry here in the next 20 years, too. In short, Ohio is a state where trucking is thriving. It's a great place to find a truck driving job or train to become a flatbed driver or even professional truck driver for specialized rigs. Despite national concerns about fuel costs and other issues, trucking companies in Ohio are doing well and it shows in the state of the industry.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Ohio

What Ohio trucking companies go out of their way to provide the very best service? Is each driver carefully picked? Is each truckload and trailer cared for? Taking into account factors like good driving behavior, experienced company drivers, and a lack of safety issues, we’ve assembled the Ohio trucking companies list to beat all others:

HY Way Trucking

This is possibly one of the best-equipped fleets in the Ohio truck industry, operating primarily through the Midwest.

Mast Trucking Inc

Starting as a simple owner operator setup, this has grown into one of the best transport fleets in Ohio.

R & J Trucking

R & J can assist with dump trucks, flatbeds, and pneumatic bulk trucks of all varieties. With a dedication to safety and great customer service on every job and from every employee, what more could you want?

Dick Lavy Trucking Inc

Safe trucks and a good reputation means Dick Lavy Trucking has been able to attract experienced drivers- and your hauling benefits from it.

Kaplan Trucking

Steel hauling and flatbed trucking are kingpins of their work, with brokerage and logistics as a value-add to the whole package.

Moeller Trucking Inc

Based in Maria Stein, this company also has other state hubs to expand its network. 99% on-time delivery, versatile freight fleets (including dry van), and diligence make them a great name among trucking companies in Ohio.

Osborne Trucking Co

This family-owned trucking company offers LTL, reefer truck, hazardous material/Hazmat, and flatbed among other specialized truck services.

Garner Trucking

This Findlay trucking company also has logistics management and spotting among its many cargo services.

Berner Trucking

Another transportation company with a strong reputation in the truck driver community for taking care of its drivers, you’ll see the same pride extend to your cargo too.

Logan Trucking

Among the oldest trucking companies in Ohio, it’s also one of the most reliable. Soft side, soft kit, and flatbed trucks are all on offer here, as are skilled truckers who will get your freight where it needs to go.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ohio Trucking Companies

While some large fleets can prepay up to 12 years in advance, most smaller operators will check in with the DoT every year. This excludes ITFA, which you should file every 3 months. You will need to also double-check if your trucking jobs require CDL training to be refreshed regularly.

Moving freight- and lots of it is a key component in Ohio’s infrastructure. At least half of locally-registered freight services offer some form of heavy hauling, and the state intends to focus on growing this aspect of the industry as we approach 2040.

Motor carriers are legally defined as those persons and business entities that own, lease, manage, or otherwise are responsible for commercial vehicles or passenger carriers.

The Ohio DOT will oversee your registration for a motor carrier number here, and that portal will assist you to get all the paperwork in.

Ohio makes becoming a transportation provider pretty easy. You can hop over to this comprehensive page to begin the process or discover any information you may require.

Starting a trucking company in Ohio needs you to carefully consider the form of tax entity you wish to create. Then apply for the varied permits you will require (which we looked at in further detail above) and ensure your fleet is legally compliant.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Ohio

The top 10 trucking companies in Ohio, which we looked at above, didn’t get that reputation overnight. It took hard work- and if you’re willing to put in the same work, you could soon find yourself on the list too. Here’s a peek at some of the costs involved in registering a trucking business in Ohio, including key federal regulations you will need to meet.

Firstly, you will want to create a separate tax entity for your company. Mostly, truckers choose between LLC registration and incorporation ($125). While the registration cost is the same, they are structured differently, and we’d suggest consulting an accountant or lawyer to ensure you make the best pick for your final goals.

From here on out, the process is fairly streamlined. The FMCSA oversees MC numbers and USDOT numbers ($600+, depending on fleet size). With that, you can get the rest of your registration as a motor carrier in Ohio out of the way through this portal. They also have a handy trucking resource to assist you with other queries you may have.

Don’t forget to organize your IRP ($500) and IFTA ($150 four times a year) while you’re at it! These will help bring you into full legal compliance- but don’t forget that some vehicle classes do need special permits to operate in major cities, including overweight or overlength speciality trucks.

Insurance Costs for Ohio Trucking Companies

When it comes to insurance premiums, Ohio isn’t a bad place to register your fleet! Local trucking companies pay between $7,000 and $10,000 per truck per year, provided the truck is not a specialist or significantly modified vehicle. This compares very favorably to the national average, which sits higher than this.

List of Trucking Companies in Ohio

Now we’ve looked at the very best, as well as what’s involved in keeping a fleet on the road, it’s time to get to our list of trucking companies in Ohio. Below you’ll find heavy haul fleets, refrigerated trucks, owner operator fleets, and large national chains, all conveniently zoned by area to make it easier for you to search:

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