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Trucking Companies in Oklahoma

Trucking Companies in Oklahoma

Oklahoma trucking companies work in a state with an established heritage of people moving people. It’s why the state earned the affectionate nickname ‘the Sooner state,’ originating from the quick influx of immigrants to the area originally.

It’s an unusual historical legacy, but one the state has turned into a thriving one. While it’s highway network isn’t the largest in the country (nor is its trucking industry, at around 15,000-30,000 firms operating in the state), they still have a lot to offer the trucking industry, and a decent chunk of national cargo moves through the state daily.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Oklahoma

Our Oklahoma trucking companies list seeks to find the companies in this state that truly shine. With no truck accidents to mar their records, great customer service, and reputations for fast, reliable service, these 10 firms stand out amongst truckers in this state:

Stevens Trucking

Offering an olibed-flatbed division and a dry freight division, this company excels at moving freight from it’s Oklahoma City base and treats every truck driving job with care.

Miller Truck Lines LLC

Offering distribution and freight broker services as well as tankers, refrigerated, flatbed, and even wreckers, they make smart use of a regional network of terminals from Tulsa to Stroud and beyond to keep cargo flowing.

Western Flyer Express LLC

Many Oklahoma trucking companies are family-owned, and this is no exception. Beginning with 4 owner-operator trucks, they now have over 500 trucks that operate mostly within the state.

John Christner Trucking LLC

Brokerage and carrier services are both on offer here, and they are headquartered in Sapulpa.

Melton Truck Lines Inc

This Tulsa-based firm has a large fleet of cargo carriers to meet your every need.

Gemini Motor Transport

It’s probably not that surprising that a major motor stop would also operate a tanker and truck fleet to ensure smooth logistics. This Oklahoma trucking company is a division of Love’s, and operates with the same pride as the rest of the group.

Airgas USA LLC

Airgas alone has 4,000 trucks on the road in Oklahoma daily and not an accident among them. Offering medical and chemical shipment, food transport, LTL freight, research, and more, each driver is a cornerstone of the industry here.

Pilot Thomas Logistics

This massive fleet operates out of Oklahoma City in this state, offering a wide and diverse range of logistics and supply chain solutions.


Being both a broker and a carrier, they have over 500 trucks in their fleet, including dump trucks. Each truck driver is carefully selected by the company, with a safe driving record and commitment to customer service.

Groendyke Transport Inc

Possibly the largest tank-truck fleet in the state, they’re experts in liquid bulk-shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oklahoma Trucking Companies

You will primarily deal with the OCC’s transport division in this state. Most of your permits are annual, except for quarterly IFTA reports.

As you will see from the top 10 trucking companies in Oklahoma, trucking in this state is very diverse. The same goes when it comes to heavy haul. While the exact statistical figure is almost impossible to represent, many of the large companies that operate here have a sub-division of heavy haul to move equipment as needed.

Motor carriers carry passengers or commercial cargo on vehicles used for commercial purposes. Whether you lease, own, or manage does not matter.

If you need to get your motor carrier number in this state, start with this online portal from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission's Transport Division.

The Soonerride NEMT service is operated through the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. We suggest you start by contacting them to begin your journey.

In order to start a trucking company in this state, you will need an LLC or incorporated company, all your relevant permits as we discussed above, and possibly some specific permitting depending on your vehicles.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Oklahoma

Dreaming of starting your own trucking business, hoping to become one of the top 10 trucking companies in Oklahoma? It starts with registering your business as a tax entity. Most truckers opt for an LLC ($104), but you may also decide incorporation ($52) is right for you.

Once this is done, head over to the FMCSA’s Oklahoma portal. Here you’ll find all the information you need on your USDOT ($300) and MC Carrier ($100 plus a per truck fee) permits. After you’ve received these, you can access the rest of the information you need from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission's Transportation Division. Here they have a very well designed site that will let you submit most of your forms online, and the information is clear and simple to access.

They will be able to help you with your transport authority ($69), a well as special permits for overweight vehicles or heavy highway usage. Here you’ll also find information on your IRP ($500) and IFTA ($600 per annum) needs, as well as how to operate as an interstate entity legally.

With these measures in place, you can go from a trucker to an owner-operator with ease. While the permits themselves are not terribly expensive (depending on the size of the fleet you register), it’s important to remember that organization is what will help your new trucking business thrive. Aim to have at least a few months’ costs saved up as well, to cover any teething trouble you encounter.

Insurance Costs for Oklahoma Trucking Companies

Insurance costs for Oklahoma trucking companies are pretty average, and rate right in the middle of the national standard. A well maintained and relatively new tractor-trailer will cost in the region of $9,300 to $13,300 per annum here for comprehensive insurance coverage.

Large fleets often see insurance costs become their largest cost, especially if you are unlucky enough to have a truck accident. Don’t be afraid to negotiate for fleet discounts if you’re bringing them a lot of business to try and keep these costs down.

List of Trucking Companies in Oklahoma

If you’re looking for a list of trucking companies in Oklahoma, look no further! Below we’ve assembled everything you need to know about the trucking industry in this state. Whether you’re looking for cargo carriers, heavy haulers, or flatbed truck specialists, you’ll find them here:

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