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Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

With the 5th largest state-owned road network in the United States, it’s no surprise that the Pennsylvania trucking industry is thriving. In fact, this is often called the keystone state for freight, with intermodal cargo movement a priority here. Despite this importance, it’s not the favorite state for many truckers, with concerns about trucking bottlenecks and some noted issues with the bridges that dot the highway network.

Despite these concerns, almost 75,000 people are employed in the trucking industry here, and it’s a thriving hub for freight movement.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

Below, find the top 10 trucking companies in Pennsylvania. We based our judgments on each firm’s reputation for reliability, great customer service, and safety records regarding truck accidents. From small to large, from flatbed to refrigerated, we’ve found the companies that consistently shine:

Pioneer Transport

This Garden City trucking company was incorporated in the 1970s by a female driver. From these innovative heights, they’ve risen to dominate the overweight cargo, hazardous material, and heavy haul trucking niches in this state.

Reed Trucking Company

Offering shipping throughout the mid-Atlantic and North-Eastern and East Coast areas, they keep cargo moving 24/7 to service their satisfied customers through a skilled fleet of dispatchers.

PGT Trucking

Once a 2-man operation, today PGT Trucking has evolved to serve the steel and construction industries, as well as machinery, automotive, aluminum, and oil/gas.

Smith Transport Company

Smith Transport Company has its origin in the dairy industry, and has carried forward a dedication to quality and a fleet of experienced drivers to help move cargo where it needs to go.

Modern Transportation

A leader in the bulk materials and logistics industry here, they’re also able to transport hazardous materials and dangerous liquids as well as offer assistance with warehousing. Chemical bulk and dry bulk are their 2 areas of expertise.

NAPA Transportation

NAPA has an excellent reputation as an employer who offers great pay and pleasant conditions, meaning they attract experienced drivers and have a great safety record alongside superb customer service for their truckload services.

Watsontown Trucking Company

Whilst their professional drivers tend to specialize in one type of freight, Watsontown trucking service moves customer goods and grocery, building materials, cars, and even some specialized industrial projects.

Cryogenic Transportation LLC

This company occupies a very unique spot on the list. Their specialized niche lies in moving industrial gases safely and without accident. They also offer a wealth of logistic support in the same area of expertise.

ECM Transport

This firm of shippers can handle a variety of cargo, using a 22 terminal network to move freight for delivery within and out of the state.

Keen Transport Company

Heavy logistics is the name of the game for this company- the larger the job, the better. Construction/mining loads and agriculture equipment form the lifeblood of the cargo each trailer will move daily.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pennsylvania Trucking Companies

Throughout the US, you will need to file your IFTA reports every 3 months. You can apply for your CDL license, trucking permits, and other paperwork annually. Note that this is done through the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, not the DOT.

As you can see even from the top 10 list above, heavy haul companies service this state daily, and we found a record of about 3,000 heavy haul firms here- there are doubtless many more. Overweight and oversize cargo volumes are some of the largest in the state, especially with the oil and gas industry thriving here.

The legal definition of motor carrier in Pennsylvania covers those responsible for (whether leasing, owning, managing, or otherwise) commercial vehicles, both passenger and cargo.

After complying with all FMCSA requirements, you can get your motor carrier number through the Pennsylvania PUC.

The Medical Assistance Transportation Program can be accessed directly through this government website, which will clue you in on everything you need to know to become a transportation provider in this state.

You will need to create a company to operate as a hauling service or driver here, then register with the FMCSA and PUC as a motor carrier, and to ensure you are legally compliant with all permits, before you trade as a trucking company in Pennsylvania.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Pennsylvania

If you’re looking to become one of the local trucking companies on our list, there will be some legal requirements to tackle before you open your doors as an owner operator. Pennsylvania trucking companies will need to become a registered business entity before they go any further. In this state, both forming an LLC and a Corporation costs the same, $125, but there are annual costs associated with incorporation. Likewise, the tax structures for both are different, so you will need to pick the right format to match your intended future growth path.

From there, head straight to the FMCSA information page for your state. Here they have all the information you require to help you get your USDOT and MC Carrier numbers for around $600, depending on fleet size. This is the first step needed before registering trucking companies in Pennsylvania specifically.

The Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission will then help you with your heavy highway permit (if needed), your authority ($70), and other permits for niche fleets. You will also need to organize IRP ($500) and your quarterly IFTA reports ($150 a time). A BOC-3 may need to be filed if you want to operate in several states.

Trucking costs in Pennsylvania are pretty well aligned with the rest of the United States, and with those 2 resources at your disposal, you’re likely to find registration a smooth process. Good luck as the new owner operator of your own trucking company!

Insurance Costs for Pennsylvania Trucking Companies

The companies on our Pennsylvania trucking companies list are rather fortunate, as insurance costs in this state are just about average, while still ensuring great insurance coverage in the event of a truck accident. Budget about $7,500-$12,500 per truck per annum for this state.

List of Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

Need a new freight partner? It doesn’t matter if it’s heavy haul, flatbed trucking, or general cargo. We’ve assembled a thorough list of trucking companies in Pennsylvania, which you can find below.

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