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Trucking Companies in Rhode Island

Trucking Companies in Rhode Island

This may be the smallest state in the country to be a truck driver, but that doesn’t mean you should write off its trucking industry! As they say here, when trucks stop, America stops. Despite being one of the smallest trucking industries in the United States, numbering less than 10,000 at a 2012 count, they are well represented by the Rhode Island Trucking Association, and maintain a high standard of ethics on each truck driving job as well as good customer service.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Rhode Island

On the list of trucking companies in Rhode Island, who is performing at the top of the list? Who offers value for money, service, and reliable haulage and freight services without a damaging trucking accident to damage their record? From refrigerated fleets to those offering warehousing and logistics, we’ve tracked down the 10 best truck fleets around:

Greylawn Foods

As their name suggests, they can assist with warehousing and load transportation for the food industry. As part of this, they have intermodal drayage, warehousing, distribution, temperature-controlled LTL and truckload services, as well as much more on offer. Every driver is properly trained to understand the loads they carry.

N & D Transportation Co Inc

Offering assistance with imports, exports, logistics, and warehousing, they can also offer some of the best LTL and truckload services, brokerage, and 3rd party freight in the state. They specialize in interstate commerce, despite being a recognizable Rhode Island trucking company.

M and G Trucking and Transport

Non-perishable and non-hazardous materials like scrap metal are the name of the game for M and G, which offers Class A CDL drivers on all commercial truck and trailer rigs in their fleet.

Tilt Truck Transporting and Rigging

With a growing fleet and continuous development of their infrastructure, they offer reliable, quality service.

Cranston Trucking Co

LTL and truckload, hazardous material, and consolidation trucking are all specialist services offered by this company.

East Coast Auto Transport

Another specialized trucking business, they conquer the arena when it comes to moving cars and other autos across the state and interstate, working as Rhode Island operators with pride.

New England Motor Freight

A family-owned company which prides itself on reliability, the high quality of company drivers and on-time deliveries.

J Line Transportation

Originating as a short haul carrier, they have gone from strength to strength. Today they can assist with dry van, air ride, refrigerated fleets and heated trailers, full logistic trailers, and even hazardous material.

Trans-Link Nationwide Shipping

As their name suggests, this is one of the interstate trucking companies based here, offering trucking, warehousing, and logistics in the Rhode Island area.

Central Transport

This trucking business specializes in LTL loads, and prides itself in offering reliable, experienced drivers for each commercial motor vehicle they offer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rhode Island Trucking Companies

The only non-annual reports you will file are for your IFTA, which is done every three months. Some special permits, like specific-instance oversize loads, may be on a case-by-case basis.

With only one interstate highway running out of Rhode Island, and most of the economy powered by lighter industry, heavy hauling is not a focus among the truckers in this country. That said, you will still find some interstate companies offering heavy haul here.

Motor Carriers are those who lease, manage, own or operate commercial large trucks, freight vehicle companies, and passenger vehicles, regardless of if they travel interstate or remain locally.

If you’re looking to apply for a motor carrier number in this state, start with this handy resource from the Rhode Island DoT.

The Rhode Island Transportation Provider Network will be able to set you up with all the resources you need to get started.

We’ve looked at this process in a little more depth above, but you will need to register a business, assemble a host of relevant permits from the FMCSA and the Rhode Island DOT, and ensure you keep on top of your IRP and IFTA costs.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Rhode Island

If you’re looking to join our Rhode Island trucking companies list, whether as owner operator or investor, then you’ll need to start by establishing a registered company. Local trucking companies in Rhode Island will often make use of an LLC ($150 and an annual $50 fee) to run their company. You also have the option of incorporation, however, which carries the same annual fee and will set you back $230.

Once the business basics have been covered, you will need to start gathering your FMCSA requirements. This is where you will get your USDOT ($300) and MC Carrier ($100 plus $10 per fleet truck). Then it’s on to the Rhode Island DOT, where you will be able to get your Motor Carrier registration sorted out for about $90, as well as all the information you need on possible permits you may require. This will depend on the trucking niche you’re aiming for.

IRP plates ($500) allow you to take your trucks both intra- and interstate, and the IFTA ($600 in 4 installments) helps to keep you compliant. Interstate companies also need to make sure they file a BOC-3 in every state within which they will operate.

While that covers your basic registration, remember that there will be plenty of costs in your first months’ operating, from wages to insurance and possibly even fleet hire, and plan accordingly.

Insurance Costs for Rhode Island Trucking Companies

Rhode Island trucking companies do, regrettably, face far steeper premiums than in some other states. Here, you can budget to pay about $14,000-$17,000 per annum even for a new and accident-free tractor trailer.

With these steeper costs in mind, you would do well to carefully consider your policy, and ensure you have sufficient insurance coverage where you need it without paying for unneeded bells-and-whistles. Likewise, opt for professional drivers with experience, keep truck accident claims to a minimum, and maintain your fleet to keep your personal premiums as low as possible.

List of Trucking Companies in Rhode Island

Now you’ve seen the top 10 trucking companies in Rhode Island, it’s time to branch out a little. We’ve assembled this comprehensive list, offering coverage across the state, to help you find the perfect logistics partner for your needs.

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Late. Do not return calls. Bad work hours. Should handle only the volume it can process.


Tony B.

We came home today to find a pretty substantial part our front lawn had been driven over and torn up. Our camera shows your FedEx delivery driver is to blame. We have pictures and video showing the truck driver rolling over our lawn and not even bothering to look to see what he had done. We tried to call Duartes Delivery Services directly only to find the voicemail full. We are very upset about the condition of our lawn that we have put a lot of work into.


Rafi pina

Great Service, very friendly,good and professional