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Trucking Companies in South Carolina

Trucking Companies in South Carolina

South Carolina hosts a wide range of innovative companies, ranging from agri-business and automotive manufacture to aerospace and tech. Their annual economy tops $19 billion, in fact, and aerospace is a huge part of that.

Trucking companies in South Carolina tend to be small and family-owned, as you’ll see on our list of trucking companies in South Carolina. Despite the fact we could only find records of about 8,000 registered companies here, they still provide key specialized services through the state and beyond.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in South Carolina

So, who’s driving the standards in the trucking industry for this state? This South Carolina trucking companies list looked for 10 firms delivering service, with experienced drivers, a safety record with no truck accident to mar it, and efficient logistics that get the job done:

ARD Trucking

Ingenuity and passion make this dry van, flatbed, truckload, and material hauling company stand out from the rest, and no trucking job is too small.

Ray Walker Trucking

A specialist dump truck company, they have the expertise and service you need to get the job done right.

G&P Trucking

Evolving from humble beginnings in the cotton industry, today they provide domestic truckload, dedicated truck driving solutions, domestic and international intermodal, freight brokerage and even border crossing services.

Service Transport Inc

Offering fast transit times with superior service and happy customers, this is a reliable and efficient freight service.

Bulldog Hiway Express

For intermodal, heavy haul and flatbed services, look no further. Their long list of awards shows a great safety record without a tanker or truck accident and a dedication to customer service that’s remarkable.

Willson Trucking

LTL, truckload, liftgate service and expedited shipping is the lifeblood of this thriving trucking firm, where no truck driving job is too big or too small.

Eagle Transport

Safe hazardous material shipments are just a normal day’s job here, as their many awards show. Eagle Transport also offers full training for new truck drivers, including CDL training on their commercial vehicle, with the understanding you will gain employment as a company driver.

Southeastern Freight Lines

Assembly and distribution services, truckload shipments, and regional LTL are key parts of Southeastern Freight Lines’ services. They are also carpet specialists, with professional drivers and a great safety record.

Atlantic Trucking

Offering some of the most comprehensive cargo services on our list, Atlantic Trucking can assist with local and long haul container trucking, container yard logistics, chassis fleet services, and yard jockey services.

Fleet Car

Fleet Car specializes in a sophisticated auto carrier fleet, with a reputation for fantastic truck drivers and swift services.

Frequently Asked Questions about South Carolina Trucking Companies

In most parts of the US, your IFTA reports are filed every 3 months, and the rest of your permits for your truck company are renewed yearly.

With several ports of entry and the aerospace industry requiring specialist hauling, heavy haul is a well-represented service here despite occasionally rigorous permitting requirements.

If you own, lease, or control a commercial vehicle like a truck or bus in the state, you are a motor carrier. All commercial truck services should register as a motor carrier.

You will apply through the South Carolina DMV, for a fee of about $70. You can find all the information you need and payment options here.

This South Carolina resource will help you with the information you need to become a NEMT in this state.

If you’re an experienced truck driver looking to open their own business, start by creating a business plan and raising capital. From there, you can begin by registering a legal business, acquire the required permits we discussed above, and adequately insure your fleet.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in South Carolina

Are you looking to invest in the trucking industry? Or perhaps you're an experienced driver or owner operator looking to expand into a full trucking business? Here’s a brief recap of the steps you’ll need to start a trucking company in South Carolina. Remember, if you continue to drive as an owner-operator, you will need to maintain your commercial driver's license too.

You’ll need to properly register as a business and tax entity first. It’s slightly cheaper to register as an LLC here ($110) as opposed to incorporation ($135 and a $100 attorney signature fee), but cost shouldn’t be the only factor considered here.

Once this is done, turn to the FMCSA for some key permits. Your USDOT number (+- $400), MC authority, IRP (+- $500) and IFTA ($150 every quarter) are key permits you cannot operate without. You will also need your unified motor carrier registration (below $100, but also a fee per truck) with the South Carolina DOT and DMV. Those links will also help you determine if you will need heavy use tax permits or overweight/oversize permits.

All in all, the whole process will set you back in the region of $4,000-$10,000, depending on the size of your fleet. A key part of joining other South Carolina trucking companies as a valid legal entity will be complying with the necessary licensing, so make sure you take the time to understand and research the process fully before your trucks hit the road.

Insurance Costs for South Carolina Trucking Companies

Insuring your freight and trucks is a key business expense for any trucking company. Local trucking companies will be fairly hard-hit, however, as this is one of the most expensive states to insure in, especially if you have a recent trucking accident on the record. Budget about $9,500- $13,000 per truck per year for an average comprehensive policy that's accident-free.

List of Trucking Companies in South Carolina

Now we’ve looked at the top 10 trucking companies in South Carolina, it’s time to see who else lives up to the standards they’ve laid down. From Charleston to Greenville, with this handy all-in-one resource at your disposal, you’re sure to find the perfect supply chain trucking partner.

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