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Trucking Companies in Tennessee

Trucking Companies in Tennessee

Sometimes called the ‘Volunteer State’, Tennessee has a bustling economy deriving from tourism, agriculture, and mixed manufacturing. From cotton to cattle, a key part of the economic lifeblood here are the local trucking companies that keep the freight flowing freely down the highways.

The trucking industry here is only a middling size compared to other states, about 15,000-30,000, but it’s still a cornerstone of the business landscape, and there are thriving national chains and owner-operator fleets here. Older Tennessee trucking companies have a history that showcases the state’s move from primarily agricultural to a more diverse manufacturing economy, so you’ll notice many trucking companies with food, dry van/ liquid tankers, and refrigerated specialties in this state.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Tennessee

If you’re looking for the top 10 trucking companies in Tennessee, look no further. We’ve rounded up the very best trucking companies in Tennessee, known for their reliability, track record, and safety:

M & W Transportation

This specialist trucking industry handles items as varied as milk and emergency overnight courier runs. They also offer warehousing solutions, with a great reputation for customer service and a stellar safety record.

Dillon Transportation LLC

Employing experienced truck drivers with years of OTR to their name, this company prides itself on taking care of every truck driver (and great pay) as well as its customers. Each job matters when it's Dillon.

Big G Express

This OTR trucking business employs great drivers and stays on-time, every time. They also have a subdivision that specializes in moving products for the steel industry.

Atlantic Trucking Company

Offering short-haul, long haul, drayage, intermodal, and even door-to-door, this logistics carrier works just as well with small local firms and international chains.

Colonial Freight

Coast-to-coast refrigerated and general hauling are both offered by this stellar trucking company based in Middle Tennessee.

Brown Trucking

Offering a wide variety of truckload solutions, they can handle regional and long haul journeys. Company drivers also handle seasonal overflow with ease, making them an asset to other trucking firms in the state too.

Beacon Transport

A respected truckload carrier that’s well known in the trucking industry for treating each truck driving job like it matters, big or small.

Pemberton Truck Lines

Hi-tech solutions keep this freight and cargo fleet running smoothly from Chattanooga to Knoxville, despite humble origins as a local cartage firm.

Sadler Brothers Trucking

A great link in your supply chain management, they can also offer available rate shipping solutions, and each driver has the experience to keep your cargo on the road.

RTR transportation

A one-stop solution for local cartage and nationwide trucking, cross-dock, warehousing, trailer reworks, and storage trailers, well known for reliability, great service and no recent truck accident to mar their safety record.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tennessee Trucking Companies

Most of your permits are annual, and bigger fleets can even get them bi-annually. Don’t forget IFTA reports need to be done quarterly, however.

While it’s not a huge focus for trucking companies in Tennessee, you will still find a broad selection of reliable heavy haul truckers.

Motor carriers are truckers and passenger carriers who own, lease or manage fleets, both interstate and in one place.

You should apply to Tennessee DOT to get your motor carrier number.

TennCare will help you become a transportation provider in this state, and their website provides all the information you need to get started.

Starting a trucking company in Tennessee begins by incorporating or forming an LLC. You will then organize your vehicles and insure them, as well as seek licenses from the FMCSA and your local Department of Transport.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Tennessee

If you're hoping to join our Tennessee trucking companies list, then know that there’s a lot of legal compliance required to open a trucking business. If you already are a professional truck driver or commercial driver, remember you will still need to renew your CDL certification too. If you are winding down your trucking career, you won't necessarily need this unless you still plan to drive for the company.

The great news for local trucking companies and even those wanting to open a truck driving school, however, is that the Tennessee DOT has created a very comprehensive site with all the information you could require.

You’ll start, however, by registering either an LLC ($325) or Corporation ($125), and then ensuring you have full FMCSA compliance by getting your USDOT and MC Carrier Authority. This will set you back anything from $400-$3,000, depending on the size of your fleet.

Getting your Unified Carrier registration is a much smaller cost, coming in under $100, but equally critical. So is your IRP ($500) and ITFA ($600 a year). With these critical permits for a trucking business under your belt, all that’s left is to determine if any special permits (like heavy use and overweight permits) will be needed for members of your fleet. The best news is that you can file for most of these licenses online through the Tennessee DOT’s website.

Insurance Costs for Tennessee Trucking Companies

Tennessee trucking companies pay average prices for their insurance coverage when compared with other states. To keep your personal premiums low, you should focus on hiring experienced truckers, keeping your fleet well maintained, and ensuring you are not over-insured nor skimping on comprehensive coverage. The average tractor-trailer or flatbed truck will set you back about $9,500 to $13,700 to insure every year.

List of Trucking Companies in Tennessee

Looking for a logistics partner you can trust? You’re sure to find them on this curated list of trucking companies in Tennessee.

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Brenda Ogle

Your guys., Danny and Birdie were exceptional! Could not ask for more polite, professional young men! All questions were intelligently answered with great knowledge. The guys went above and beyond with their patience while we were having to contact Home Depot because of a damaged refrigerator ( from the Warehouse NOT from the delivery company.) A+ Company, would highly recommend with two outstanding employees, Danny and Birdie!


Garry Wilson

Team is great and doing a good job always highly recommend.


Laura Perry
reviewed T&J BUS LINES LLC

I just had a horrific incident tonight. A bus driver did not yield to a truck in front of me turning left onto a street. Driver had to divert because bus tried turning right in front of truck even though truck had right of way. Then I was going past intersection and bus driver, a 50s something white female with reddish hair kept turning right full into my lane even though I had the legal right of way. I laid on my horn as I could not back up quick enough, one, because there were vehicles behind me I did not want to back into, but this crazed woman kept driving toward my vehicle and only stopped when she literally was a few inches, mind you, inches not feet from my front end. When I was able to back up, I yelled at her to never do that shit again and she smiled and syruppy sweet told me to have a nice day. I will be filing a formal complaint with the Knox County schools in the morning. A crazed lunatic like this does not need to be driving children.