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Trucking Companies in Texas

Trucking Companies in Texas

Are you looking for the very best trucking companies in Texas? Then look no further- when it comes to the low-down on local trucking companies, we have all the information you need. Texas industry produces a ton of export value a year, so it’s hardly surprising that trucking is big business here.

Moving everything from coal to cattle, trucking companies in Texas are among the most numerous in the country- we found over 180 registered! So when we went looking for the top 10 trucking companies in Texas, we had many quality companies to choose from.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Texas

So, what criteria were we looking for when we decided on our top 10 trucking companies in Texas? On-time deliveries from the truck driver, great customer service, honesty, reliability, and, of course, competitive rates for the Texas trucking industry were key. Here are ten companies that really stood out from the rest:

Core Trucking Company of Texas

Specializing in LTL, intermodal, and truckload services, this Texas trucking company is also certified for hazardous materials and has a great track record.

Lonestar LLC

Lonestar LLC specializes in moving all types of cargo, both between states and worldwide, with the right equipment for any job-including flatbed trucking- and friendly staff too.

Empire Truck Lines

This trucking business can help with container yard, domestic, intermodal, and even maximum payload services, is equipped with full EDI capabilities, and customers can monitor each driving job remotely.

Redbird Trucking

Redbird Trucking is the first specialist business on our list, offering soil stabilization services and delivering ready-mix plants, portable soils, and oil fields with precision.

Fields Trucking

Fields Trucking transports construction materials through 5 states, keeping an immaculately upgraded fleet and top-of-the-line equipment.

Hot Shot Trucking

Delivering great service throughout the US in a diverse fleet ranging from cars to pickups, vans, and both flatbed and trailer trucks, they can also help with car carriers and refrigerated trucks.

Stevan’s Trucking

Possibly the largest refrigerated fleet in Texas, they proudly maintain a reputation for excellence among company drivers, smart tech, and on-time delivery.

Summit Trucking

Summit Trucking comes out tops for great customer service, running their fleet with a variety of class 8 services and a growing body of satisfied customers.

United Freight & Logistics

You don’t need a large fleet to offer fantastic service, be it freight, building or hazardous materials, metals, machinery, containers, or anything else, and they prove it.

Central Freight Lines

Their long list of awards for safety speaks for itself, as despite being a rather large fleet Central Freight Lines still manages to have great customer service and take pride in their work.

Frequently Asked Questions about Texas Trucking Companies

IFTA reports must be filed quarterly. Most other permits, including your professional driver permits, are annual. Larger trucking companies in Texas can also access multi-year packages to cut down on admin.

Well over 100 companies on the Texas trucking companies list offer heavy haul.

A motor carrier is someone who controls or owns a commercial motor vehicle (passenger or freight) for use in commerce both inter and intrastate.

You can find all information on how to get a motor carrier number in Texas here.

You can approach the Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership for more information on becoming a transportation provider in Texas.

Once you have a solid business plan and startup capital, Texas trucking companies need to legally establish themselves as an LLC, obtain necessary permits like those we looked at above, buy or lease the equipment, and arrange insurance to protect you in event of a truck accident before you trade.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Texas

Are you thinking of joining the flourishing list above and forming a transportation company of your own? Whether you're a truck driver or investor, one of the most important parts of setting up your fleet will be getting legally compliant.

You should start by forming a registered company to operate each truck driving job under, usually an LLC. In Texas, LLC and incorporation filing fees are both $310. If you are an owner-operator, you also need to ensure your commercial trucker's license and endorsements are in order and paid up.

Now you will need to apply for the necessary licenses and permits. Texas requires a USDOT number, which is applied for directly from the FMCSA and will set you back $300. Your MC number needs another $100, plus $10 for every truck in the fleet. You may then need commercial fleet registration or unified carrier registration ($69) and to decide if oversize/overweight permits apply. You will also need an International Registration Plan (IRP) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) ($600 a year) if you will go inter-state.

You may be able to use TxPROS to file some of these permits yourself. The Texas DOT works closely with the Texas DMV, and you can find more info on both sites. You will want to budget $5000-$10000 to get started, depending on your fleet size.

Insurance Costs for Texas Trucking Companies

Insurance will be another critical step in setting up a trucking company in Texas. Commercial trucking insurance coverage will vary marginally by the provider, but most policies offer similar types of coverage against a truck accident while on the job:

  • Commercial liability insurance to protect each driver
  • Physical damage coverage, including comprehensive theft, vandalism, collision, and non-collision
  • Uninsured motorists coverage in case an uninsured driver hits your fleet

Factors such as your business type, service radius, the vehicles in your fleet, your location, your chosen coverage, and the driving history of each truck driver you employ will all impact your cost. Smaller local trucking companies with a great safety history will pay about $5000-$7000 per truck per annum, whereas larger tractor-trailers will pay $10000-$15000 each.

List of Trucking Companies in Texas

Keen to find the right operator for your truck driving job? We’ve compiled this handy list of trucking companies in Texas to help you find the ideal partner.

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