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Trucking Companies in Utah

Trucking Companies in Utah

The 13th largest state in the United States, there can be no surprise that Utah is also a transportation hub, especially in the Salt Lake City area. Luckily for the truckers on our Utah trucking companies list below, the state’s road network was carefully planned with heavy traffic in mind. This makes it an easy route for the cargo and revenue that whizzes down its roads daily and earns Utah a place as a transportation hub.

With over 20,000 trucking companies registered here, and the area a key base for local truck driving jobs and CDL training, it may not be the largest trucking industry in the US, but has a great reputation for problem-solving and reliable freight transport.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Utah

With this dedication to quality in the trucking industry as a general reputation, we set off to find the top 10 trucking companies in Utah. Here are the firms which really stood out from the crowd, offering great customer service, reliable drivers, truck accident-free mileage and superior benefits to their clients:

Pride Transport

This family-owned business sprang from an owner-operator setup into a stand-out in the local trucking industry, operating with care, pride and attention to detail it’s rare to find these days. No truck driving job is too big or too small.

ShipEX Transport

For efficient freight transportation, look no further. Personalized service, efficient logistics, and smart supply chain management is the name of the game here, and every truck driver upholds their standards.

Godfrey Trucking Inc

This long haul and LTL carrier can assist with warehousing and even 3rd party logistics solutions. Dedicated fleet and brokerage services are also offered.

May Trucking Co

One of Utah’s oldest trucking companies, and started by an old trucker, they also stand out as one of its best. Headquartered in Layton, they have a vast dry van freight network, and their refrigerated fleet services the entire nation.

Wanship Transportation

This full-freight shipping company in North Salt Lake handles truckload, container management, intermodal, and logistics solutions.

Simon Transport

These service providers feel solutions are the name of the game, with a great track record and every truck manned by an experienced driver.

L W Miller Transportation

Hailing from Logan, this Utah trucking company offers liquid tanker, refrigeration, and dry bulk/pneumatic fleet services.

DP Curtis Trucking

115 tractor-trailers are at your disposal with these trucking services, and every job handled with care from start to finish.

CTC Trucking

Despite being a small transportation company in comparison to some others on this list, they use advanced tech solutions to drive your freight and a professional truck driver will keep your freight on the road.

Porter Transport

Offering same-day ‘hot shot’ delivery state-wide from their Salt Lake City base. They also do courier, expedites, and air-on-ground shipment services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Utah Trucking Companies

Don’t forget to do IFTA reports every 3 months or you will be in trouble. Mostly everything else is annual.

Heavy hauling services and even specialist heavy haul companies can be found state-wide.

Motor carriers are truck drivers, owner-operators, and commercial passenger fleet people, whether they lease, own, manage, or just control their vehicles.

You will get this number from the Utah DMV. They have a comprehensive portal you can scrutinize.

Logisti-care can assist you in completing the process of becoming a NEMT transportation service in Utah.

Starting a trucking company will need you to create a registered tax entity like an LLC, then to seek all the permits required. You will also need to finance and insure your vehicles and the freight you carry.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Utah

A key part of breaking into the Utah trucking industry will be ensuring you have all the legal permits you need to operate in full compliance. While a successful trucking career will help, it's not all you need!

While registering an LLC or Corporation ($72) is a critical part of your trucking business, it’s far from the only cost you’ll be paying. Local trucking companies will approach the Utah DOT for your Unified Carrier Registration (approximately $70), but before doing this you will need to deal with the FMCSA for your USDOT number.

While you’re there, get registered for your IRP plates, which will let you travel legally within the state and out of it. Your ITFA will be handled once every quarter, costing about $150 a time. Together, these two revenue-generating taxes will allow you to operate inter and intrastate without the hassle of multiple plate changes.

Total costs to get your freight carrier fleet up and running will be about $5,000, but don’t forget other concerns like special permits, insurance, and even leasing and maintaining your fleet. The Utah DoT has a handy portal you can refer to and does accept online payments. While it may seem a lot of money, the peace of mind of full legal compliance is worth it.

Insurance Costs for Utah Trucking Companies

You will need to organize comprehensive insurance to cover both your freight and your fleet. While it can be costly, good behavior, experienced drivers from a reputable truck driving school, and maintaining your fleet will all help you keep premiums as reasonable as possible. Utah trucking companies using a new or well-maintained tractor-trailer will pay between $9,000 and $11,000 a year in this state.

List of Trucking Companies in Utah

Keen to find the perfect freight company to solidify your supply chain? From experienced logistics giants to experienced owner-operators, we’ll help you find the very best trucking companies on this handy list of trucking companies in Utah.

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Great people to work for!


Nielsen marshall

These men are with Outstanding integrity and very hardworking! What a great service to our community!


Linda Cavender

I was driving out of Charleston Utah on state route 113 when a 11 Stars Trucking Co. dumptruck (dark red) driving down US 189 towards Provo did a VERY DANGEROUS thing. At the intersection the 189 traffic goes down to one lane that continues down the canyon and the right lanes turns into a turn only lane. The dumptruck remained in the ‘Turn Only’ lane but continued straight. There were 4-5 cars waiting to get into 189. The fact that a car did NOT pull out into ‘their’ merge lane to merge into the 189 traffic was an absolute miracle. That dumptruck could have caused a MAJOR and possibly FATAL accident because of their carelessness. This occurred on Sunday 08/13/23 at approximately noon.