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Trucking Companies in Vermont

Trucking Companies in Vermont

As a flat state with easy roads, Vermont is a favorite on many truckers’ routes. It’s also a great place to start a trucking career. If you’re new to the work of a truck driver, but want to cut your teeth at a hub that has growth potential for your career too, you will find plenty of truck driving schools and even on-the-job training open to you here. The trucking companies in Vermont represent a stable industry with low but steady growth rates and a thriving trucking culture that’s key to the state economy.

While not the largest trucking industry in the US, the 4,500 tractor-trailer drivers in the state, taken with the many other trucking specialties represented here, have a great quality of life and fulfilling work.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Vermont

On the list of trucking companies in Vermont, who’s doing the best? From refrigerated freight movers to tractor-trailer fleets and flatbed trucks, we’ve scoured them all to find the top trucking companies among local trucking businesses:

Benoit Trucking Inc

From water vans to flatbeds and truck trailers, owner-operated Benoit trucking has the Vermont spirit and service record you need to get your goods where you need them.

Buck Adams Trucking and Excavating

This specialist heavy haul company is deeply involved in Vermont trucking business, offering everything from plowing and sanding to commercial foundations. They maintain popularity with experienced truck drivers and great service.

D and C Transportation

A small yet quality fleet of Freightliners specializing in petroleum transport, tri-axle and dump trucks. For them it's not just a truck driving job, it's a lifestyle.

GMH Transportation

A specialist supply line freight carrier, GMH is a new player in this Vermont trucking companies list, but is large and reliable with 3000 independent truck driver/owner-operator rigs.

Bellavance Trucking

If you’re looking for full-service transportation services with all the equipment you need (step deck, low bed refrigerated, dry van, and flatbed inclusive) look no further.

Carpenter’s Motor

Cargo shipments on a fleet of tractors and trailers, offering logistics services, dock handling, warehousing, and both interline and lift-gate delivery without a single truck accident.

BSP Trans Inc

Growing from a simple freight transportation business, this pick on our top 10 trucking companies in Vermont now offers high-quality transportation and professional drivers from warehousing to commercial real estate.

Quality Carriers Inc

This is the largest liquid bulk transport company in Florence, Vermont. They are fully supported by an extensive liquid freight fleet and terminal network for each job, local or interstate.

Land Air

The largest private LTL carrier, they specialize in logistics solutions and truckload delivery to shipping companies, offering dependability, consistency, and on-time service from each driver.

Barrett Trucking Co

This company provides heavy hauling throughout the North East, with a diverse fleet of professional truck drivers that can also assist with salting roads.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vermont Trucking Companies

Submit your IFTA reports every 3 months, and your other permits once a year unless you opt for multi-year extensions when you register.

Heavy hauling is important to the economy of Vermont, and there are many quality firms to choose from. While it’s hard to find precise numbers, as new carriers register regularly, about 50% of the state’s cargo needs some form of heavy haul service.

A motor carrier is defined as someone who leases, manages, controls or owns commercial vehicles, used within the state of Vermont and for inter-state work, including in a truck driving school setting.

For getting a motor carrier number you should refer to The Vermont DOT online portal.

Vermont Public Transport Association can help you with becoming a Non-Emergency Transportation provider in Vermont.

Starting a trucking company in Vermont will need a registered tax entity, the required permits from FMCSA, the DoT and the DMV, and the financing to lease or own your fleet.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Vermont

Are you looking to join the ranks of trucking companies in Vermont? The process for creating a trucking business here is pretty similar to many other states, but it’s always important to check that you are fully compliant with your state legislature as well as requirements at the federal level. Don't forget you'll need to include your CDL training if you wish to drive, too.

Permitting for the trucking industry is handled in part by the FMCSA. Perhaps the most important permit from them will be your USDOT number, which can cost between $300 and $500. They will also issue your MC number (your Motor Carrier Authority). Other important permitting they will assist with is the IRP ($500-$3,000) and IFTA decals ($150 four times a year).

Your state will handle your Unified Carrier Registration for roughly $70. They may also charge a small extra fee per vehicle. Do not forget that you will also need to choose a company format to register as. In Vermont, truckers and owner-operators will pay $125 for both LLC and Incorporation, so you can choose the format which best suits your needs and growth plan.

The Vermont trucking industry is lucky, in that most of these applications can be handled online through the Vermont DOT website. They also have an excellent Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program you should consult.

Insurance Costs for Vermont Trucking Companies

While insurance for truck drivers has a reputation as a heavy cost, Vermont trucking companies are lucky- this state is pretty kind to you. While your insurance will always depend on your driving habits, any accident you have, and coverage, the average for a tractor-trailer in this state is $7,000-$9,000 a year.

List of Trucking Companies in Vermont

Now you know a little more about the standards being set in the trucking industry, it’s time to find the right truckers for you! This handy list of local trucking companies is sure to have the perfect partner for you.

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