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Trucking Companies in Washington State

Trucking Companies in Washington

With some of the best-known companies in the U.S calling Seattle and Washington state home, and an estimated $40-million dollars of freight zipping down their highways every hour, Washington is a bustling nexus for the truck industry. More than 45,000 local trucking companies can be found here, transporting a wide variety of products across a host of economic niches and keeping much of the state employed in trucking jobs.

Of those 45,000 trucking companies, who’s delivering stand-out service on-time, every time? From experienced truck drivers and great safety records to the diversity of services offered, we’re taking a closer look at the stand-out trucking companies in Washington state who don’t just deliver freight, but deliver where it counts, too.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Washington

Looking for the top 10 trucking companies in Washington? Look no further- we’ve put together the best of the best below, from hazardous material specialists to heavy haul and beyond:

Haney Truck Line

If you’re looking for Washington state heavy haul, look no further- their unique fleet allows them to transport 20% (or more) bigger truckloads.

Smokey Point Distribution

An unusual entry in our Washington trucking companies list, Smokey Point specializes in moving air shipment cargo, as well as LTL, truckload, and warehousing on a fleet of flatbed, step truck, and low profile trucks.

Milky Way

Another specialist trucking company on our list of trucking companies in Washington state, this is your top choice for the transportation of sensitive liquids, including the dairy that Washington is famous for.

Selland Auto Transport Inc

From the humble origins of one single owner operator truck, their specialist trucks and top-end technology make them a standout among trucking companies in Washington state.

Eagle Systems Inc

With nationwide coverage and a base in Canada as well, Eagle Systems Inc also offers long haul, trans-loading services, and some of the best intermodal services in Washington.

Peninsula Truck Lines Inc

Look no further for a reliable LTL partner with experienced drivers which is also licensed in hazardous materials, with a customer satisfaction record that speaks for itself.

Interstate Distributor Company

This is a national trucking line with a massive fleet and supply chain logistics experience able to handle almost any trucking or trailer need you may have.

Oak Harbor Freight Lines Inc

Long-haul or short-haul, LTL or truckload, if it's a truck driving job Oak Harbor has a solution to help you, alongside their great customer service and professional drivers.

Gulick Trucking Inc

A specialist refrigerated truck line that operates through all 48 states, bringing 4 decades of experience and the ability to handle heavy haul easily and without accidents.

System Transport Inc

One of the largest flatbed trucking fleets in the state, they focus on high-tech solutions, modernizing their fleet, and keeping customers happy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Washington Trucking Companies

IFTA is reported directly to the Washington DoT, and requires quarterly reports, while most other licenses are annual, as are CDL screening measures for truckers.

Freight needs in Washington are very diverse, but heavy hauling is certainly well represented, with at least ⅓ of trucking companies in Washington offering some form of heavy haul service.

A motor carrier is a person or company which owns, controls, manages, or otherwise operates a commercial motor vehicle, including passenger transit vehicles, either within the state or across its boundaries. Some farm traffic and bus services are excluded.

You can get your Unified Carrier Registration from the WA DMV, and your MC number from the FMCSA.

Washington runs one of the most efficient NEMT programs in the US, and you can read about becoming part of it here.

Truckers who want to move into the Washington trucking industry will need to source capital to rent or lease their truck fleet, obtain all necessary state and federal permits, and organize insurance coverage against a truck accident or theft before they trade.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Washington

If you’re a trucker looking to carve your own niche in the trucking industry, you’ll need to start by setting up a registered Washington trucking company. Most operators opt for either an LLC or an Incorporated company, both of which will set you back $210 in initial fees, with an annual report of $73 also part of the requirements.

Your next priority is acquiring your United States DOT number and MC number from the FMCSA, which together cost $400, with another $10 per truck in the fleet. Be sure to read up on IRP tags, which allow your trucks to operate in the state as well as inter-state, and the IFTA decals, which are paid in $150 installments every quarter and handled through your local DOT. Inter-state carriers also need to file a BOC-3 form with the FMCSA.

Trucking companies in Washington state must also register for their Unified Carrier Registration through the WA DMV. Luckily this can be done through their online portal. Fees start at $59 for a 2 truck fleet.

Now is the time to make sure you understand if ‘heavy use’ tax regulations, or the need for special permits (like oversize/overweight permits) will also apply to your business, and get them in order. Both the DMV and Washington DOT can assist with this.

Fleet size will have a large effect on your startup budget, but it’s wise to have at least $4500 to hand to ensure you comply with all legal regulations.

Insurance Costs for Washington Trucking Companies

Insurance coverage for your trucks is not an area to skimp on, either. You will likely need to have a careful conversation with an experienced insurer to decide exactly what blend of theft and third party liability, fleet liability against a potential trucking accident, and comprehensive coverage is right for your fleet and the type of job you want to concentrate on.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that your professional drivers and their behavior will have an impact not just on fuel costs, but on your premiums too. One bad driver could ratchet up your premiums. For a trucking business in Washington, however, be prepared to put aside at least $8000 - $12000 per annum per truck.

List of Trucking Companies in Washington

From freight companies to flatbed truck drivers, we’ve rounded up the very best Washington trucking companies in one handy resource. You’re sure to find the perfect match for your truck driving job here.

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Your driver was about 50 yards away from me, had already called me to say he was coming, and then took off...I'm assuming he got a call for something better and left me there. I would recommend NOT using this company if that is how they treat customers. I called the company phone number multiple times and no one answered and their voice mail isn't set up, now I know why.



I hired KS Trucking LLC to transport my car from South Florida to Colorado and PREPAID. I was never able to get a hold of Anna, the dispatcher. I know she saw my texts because they were left on read. She did not return my calls. I spoke to George, the driver, who arranged to pick up my car in the morning. However, the morning of, he messaged me several times throughout the day to reschedule, resulting in me being delayed another day. The next day, the rescheduled day, he messaged me again multiple times to reschedule, finally calling me at the agreed upon pickup time to tell me he can't make it because even though he was only 4 miles from my residence, he was going to his son's birthday party instead. The next day, day 3, he completely ignored my calls and texts, leaving me on read. I finally got a call back from George when I initiated a refund request, telling me he was on his way to my house, but at this point I did not want to do business with them. They are so unprofessional I felt embarrassed for them. I'm shocked they're even in business. I secured reliable transportation through Road Runner Transport LLC instead. The difference was night and day. I DO NOT RECOMMEND KS TRUCKING LLC. THEY ARE UNRELIABLE and possibly a scam company.