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Trucking Companies in West Virginia

Trucking Companies in West Virginia

Recent reports suggest that the trucking industry in West Virginia paid about $250,000,000 in federal and state taxes in the last year. This represents almost 40% of road taxes and fees. Additionally, the West Virginia Trucking Association alone represents at least 35,000 trucking jobs.

While trucking isn’t as large here as in some of the other states due to the highway layout, it’s still a thriving and well-represented industry. Millions of dollars of revenue is carried on the roads each and every day. With that in mind, we’re taking a look at the trucking companies in West Virginia that excel at service, honesty, reliability, and safety while still getting your freight where it needs to go.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in West Virginia

From local trucking companies who go above and beyond to interstate heavy haul specialists, we’ve assembled a list of the top 10 trucking companies in West Virginia that put customer satisfaction first:

Debarr Trucking Co Inc

If you’re looking for a reliable, professional dump truck fleet that puts the customer first, this is the motor carrier for you.

Auto Carrier Express

This specialized car carrier fleet provides superior service through a trustworthy fleet of professional drivers.

Ergon Trucking

With an excellent safety record among their truck drivers, a reputation for reliability, and excellent customer service, there can be no surprise Ergon trucking made our list of trucking companies in West Virginia known for quality and service.

Mystic Hills Transportation

Despite being rather new in the trucking industry, Mystic Hills transportation has risen to the top of the list fast through a dedication to hiring reliable truck drivers and keeping up great customer service.

Estes Express

Offering both LTL and full truckload commercial truck services, they pride themselves on hassle-free cross-border road hauling, and have a superlative safety record. Every job has an experienced truck driver handling their rigs.

Yesterday Delivery Service Inc

For fast, affordable same day freight services, there’s few who manage to maintain the reputation that Yesterday Delivery Service Inc has managed for great company drivers and fast service.

Hunt Transportation

Beginning as a livestock hauling company, they have grown into one of the premier flatbed trucking companies in West Virginia, and have some of the best commercial truck drivers in the country working for them.

R+L Carriers

For LTL, truckload, and logistics services, including intermodal, refrigerated, and truckload expedited services, you can trust this fleet with your freight.

Murray Group

Another specialist in flatbed trucking, they have a stellar reputation for on-time delivery, secondary bases outside the state, and all the experience you could want.

Burns Motor Group

Burns Motor Group has grown from a single owner operator truck driver outfit to a long-haul and local trucking company with each vehicle up-to-date and each trucker a true professional.

Frequently Asked Questions about West Virginia Trucking Companies

Federally mandated FITA must be reported quarterly to the DoT, but most other services, including CDL training, need only annual or bi-annual renewal.

While it’s impossible to tell how many specialist heavy haul trucking or trailer companies the West Virginia trucking industry has, it’s certainly well represented among their trucking businesses.

Motor carriers are those responsible for a commercial passenger vehicle or freight vehicle (excluding farm and intercity bus services), including owners and those who lease these vehicles as a professional driver.

The FMCSA will give you your MC number, which is then used at the West Virginia DMV to apply for your unified carrier registration.

The West Virginia Bureau for Medical Services can help you become a non-emergency transportation provider in West Virginia.

To start a trucking business in West Virginia, you will need to pay for a range of state and federal permits, including your USDOT, MC Carrier, and state registration. Be sure to organize insurance coverage for each truckload you haul, and have the capital needed to service your trucking fleet.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in West Virginia

Trucking companies in West Virginia face a very similar registration process as that in other states, beginning with the legal requirement to register as either an LLC or Corporation. It’s cheaper ($82) to incorporate than register an LLC ($132), but if you're a professional truck driver looking to expand into a trucking company, you should carefully evaluate the best format for your future plans before deciding. Both require annual reports that will set you back $25.

Before looking at state registration costs for trucking businesses, make sure you also get your USDOT and MC number through the FMCSA. If your fleet is smaller than 10 trucks, budget on around $500 for this, with $10 a truck extra for larger fleets.

The West Virginia DMV will handle your IRP tags and IFTA decals (4 installments of $150 annually). You will have to apply for other state-based licenses through the DMV, too, including your unified motor carrier status, at a cost of about $69 for the smallest fleets.

While the West Virginia DMV’s online presence is not as informative as other DMVs, you can find additional information here, form lookups here, and they do have a portal for re-registrations you can use. West Virginia DOT also has helpful resources.

Insurance Costs for West Virginia Trucking Companies

West Virginia trucking companies will need to make sure their insurance is fully comprehensive and up-to-date to continue to operate legally in the state and make sure they are covered in the event of a truck accident.

The good news is that insurance coverage is cheaper in this state than in many other hubs if each driver stays responsible and avoids negligence. It’s possible to insure a commercial truck for as low as $6000 a year, although $9000-$12000, depending on your company activities, the insurance company, the vehicle, and the level of coverages and payouts you opt for, is more realistic.

List of Trucking Companies in West Virginia

Looking for a West Virginia trucking companies list you can trust? We’ve tracked down the best of the best in this all-in-one handy resource- you’re sure to find the perfect transportation company for your needs.

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