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Trucking Companies in Wisconsin

Trucking Companies in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a reputation for overloaded roads in general, and there’s a ton of trucking companies humming down their highways on a daily basis. It can’t be a surprise to learn there are over 60,000 local trucking companies registered in the state, and trucking companies in Wisconsin stay busy hauling the lifeblood of the economy.

Who’s just phoning it in, however, and who is providing the levels of service and reliability you need from your freight partner? Today we take a closer look at the trucking industry in Wisconsin, what registration needs are for local trucking companies, and which companies are going above-and-beyond to keep their customers happy.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Wisconsin

What local trucking companies are setting the standards in Wisconsin? We’ve researched the top 10 trucking companies in Wisconsin that you can rely on to get your freight to its destination perfectly every time:

HO Wolding Inc

A specialist dry freight carrier, H.O Wolding Inc remains privately owned, and offers a superbly managed carrier fleet with low driver turnover and high job satisfaction in the industry.

Dunham Express

This trucking business offers just-in-time delivery, time-critical, and truckload services in full intracontinental transportation, with a focus on courier freight and their chain of shipping companies.

Michels Corporation

The second biggest local trucking company in Wisconsin, they have a commercial fleet of over 3000 trucks and carry construction and hazardous material, machinery and liquids/gasses, yet care for every shipment.

Marten Transport LTD

From hazardous materials and refrigeration to chemicals, foodservice, and flatbeds, Marten Transport moves it all, and their track record for reliability and professional drivers is fantastic.

Reinhart Distribution LLC

Reinhart Distribution LLC is a transportation company which specializes in shipping food, meat, and beverages; delivering goods from the military to nursing homes with a smile as the largest independent foodservice supply chain distributor in the state.

Roadrunner Transportation Services Inc

This freight company works only with small-to-medium shippers, harnessing a fleet of over 4000 truck drivers to deliver nationwide and meet their shipping needs in the transportation industry, fully deserving a spot on our list of trucking companies in Wisconsin which excel in service.

Mansur Flatbed Trucking Companies

A superior flatbed trucking business using a full owner operator fleet with every employee an experienced driver, well known for professionalism and safety.

Riteway Transport Inc

A Milwaukee-based commercial freight fleet with a strong track record of happy customers, able to assist with heavy haul and flatbed trucks as well as other freight and warehousing solutions.

Klemm Tank Lines

A division of trucking industry giant, the Kenan Advantage Group (and their only independent carrier) they’re part of North America’s largest tank truck line, specializing in moving liquids and gasses.

Roehl Transport Inc

Big enough to be on the list of largest 100 fleets in the country, they carry a vast range of freight and have a long list of awards to their name to speak to years of great customer service and all the equipment to get the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wisconsin Trucking Companies

Wisconsin will need you to file IFTA reports four times a year. CDL holders and motor carrier re-registration are annual, however.

Heavy hauling is not as much of a focus here as in other areas of the country, but you will still find it widely available across Wisconsin trucking companies.

A motor carrier is a legal concept that covers everyone who manages, operates, or controls a freight, commercial or passenger-carrying vehicle. The term applies to both intra- and interstate commercial transport, but may exclude some farm vehicles.

You can apply for your motor carrier authority number directly through the Wisconsin DOT.

MTM Inc handles the transportation provider network for Wisconsin, and you can find out more about helping others with their medical transportation needs here.

Before you open a trucking business in Wisconsin, you will need a range of permits from FMCSA and your local DoT, to lease or buy a suitable trucking fleet, and commercial insurance coverage for your truck driver and the truckload of cargo they carry. You should also consider if you need hazardous materials certification or special vehicles like a dry van.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Wisconsin

If you’re a professional truck driver looking to register a trucking company in Wisconsin, you will start by acquiring the federally mandated licenses from the FMCSA, namely a USDOT number and an MC number, both of which are used to track your safety and compliance.

You should also create a business plan and choose between registering an LLC or Corporation for your company. Incorporation is slightly cheaper in Wisconsin ($100 vs $130), but the annual reporting costs are higher ($40 vs $25) and there are other considerations between the two formats to consider.

Be sure to also put aside the first $150 installment of the $600 annual IFTA decal costs, and you will also need IRP tags, which will allow your trucks to operate across state boundaries as well as inter-state. If inter-state travel is in your plans, you also need to file a BOC-3 form to protect yourself legally. Lastly, you will then need to apply for your unified carrier registration, which will set you back about another $80 for smaller fleets, increasing with the number of trucks you will operate.

You can find your one-stop resource for motor carriers from the Wisconsin DOT right here, which will put all this info at your fingertips as their customer.

Insurance Costs for Wisconsin Trucking Companies

Unfortunately, Wisconsin does not have a reputation in the trucking industry for the cheapest insurance costs around. While your trucking company’s personal safety record, the abilities of your drivers, and the package you choose with your insurance company will impact costs, the Wisconsin average is about $10 000 per truck per year.

List of Trucking Companies in Wisconsin

Now you know a little more about the Wisconsin trucking industry, it’s time to delve deeper. This Wisconsin trucking companies list covers flatbed drivers, freight companies, and even hazardous materials specialists- and they’re all waiting for you to get in touch.

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