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Trucking Companies in Wyoming

Trucking Companies in Wyoming

The trucking industry is important to Wyoming. As a state that relies on agriculture as well as mineral wealth as pillars of its economy, reliable freight trucking keeps commerce flowing. Trucks are a common sight on the Wyoming roads, and Interstate 80 is one of the busiest routes in the U.S.A for freight movement coast-to-coast.

Trucking companies based or operating in Wyoming number around 40,000 by most estimates. While fairly average as states go, the need for trucking businesses to provide quality service that’s reliable is critical to the smooth operation of this state’s economy. Below, we took a look at Wyoming trucking companies that deliver stellar service, as well as the regulatory procedures needed to ensure local trucking companies are fully compliant with state and federal regulations.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Wyoming

Who are the top 10 trucking companies in Wyoming? We’re taking a closer look at local trucking companies who are delivering everything their customers want and more, from heavy haul to hazmat:

Blackhills Trucking

If you need heavy hauling for water, LPG, crude oil or refined products, Blackhill Trucking has the experience and fleet you need.

Baysinger Trucking

Baysinger Trucking has an established reputation for dedication and reliability, earning their specialized hauling fleet a spot on our top Wyoming trucking companies list.

YRC Freight

Not only does YRC Freight offer freight logistics, but they can also assist with supply chain. They specialize in LTL (less than truckload) shipping through multiple states.

Bar-S Services Inc

This family-owned fleet numbers over 100 trucks, and their commercial freight fleet handles industrial, oil, and gas as well as standard commercial truckloads.

Old Dominion Freight Line

One of the oldest Wyoming trucking companies on our list, they’re also one of the largest. A global company employing over 20 000 people, they still manage to deliver great customer service every time.

Bonneville Transloaders

The first fully specialized fleet on our list, they offer a competitive soda ash transport service to the mining industry.

Transpro Burgener

With terminals in Wyoming and Colorado, this local trucking company has grown from a simple owner-operator set up after the war to a Wyoming trucking industry giant.

Talco Trucking Inc

With experienced, professional drivers and fast, safe vehicles, Talco Trucking has built up a reputation in the Wyoming trucking industry that’s hard to beat.

McKendree Trucking

McKendree Trucking has contract carrier authority through 48 states, and specializes in the freight needs of the gas and oil industry. They maintain a superlative safety record across their trucking jobs and utilize GPS truck tracking on all of their fleet.

Rolling Hills Trucking

Growing from a simple owner-operator setup, today this trucking industry giant dominates with safety awards and a reputation for experienced truck drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wyoming Trucking Companies

As with other parts of the country, you will need to do IFTA reports 4 times a year, but otherwise anticipate annual and even multi-year renewals for CDL training and other permits.

With both agriculture and the trucking industry having a critical place in the Wyoming economy, heavy haul carriers are common here.

If you are responsible for a commercial motor vehicle, whether it moves freight or people, you are a motor carrier in Wyoming.

The FMCSA can assist with an MC number, and you can get your Interstate Operating Authority from the DOT.

You can contact Medicaid in Wyoming directly to discuss becoming a NEMT partner..

Breaking into the Wyoming trucking industry isn’t just about accepting truck driving jobs. You will need to gather capital to finance your fleet, establish a registered business, apply for your permits at the state and federal level, and find adequate insurance coverage for the transportation company too.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Wyoming

If our Wyoming trucking companies list has inspired you to open your own trucking business, know that legal compliance is perhaps the most important part of establishing yourself in the trucking industry. While much of the process is the same across the U.S, the costs and individual agencies responsible for handling your registration costs will be a little different from state to state. Here’s a brief look at the procedure for Wyoming.

Start by deciding on the type of Wyoming trucking company you wish to form. LLC and Incorporation filing fees are the same in Wyoming ($103), with an annual report ($52) also required. Now it’s time to speak with the FMCSA to organize your USDOT ($300) and MC Carrier ($100) numbers. These are key to tracking both your compliance and your truck fleet’s safety record, and you likely won’t be able to continue with state registration without them in hand, so don’t forget them! Budget an additional $10 per fleet truck for the MC Carrier requirement, too.

Other federally mandated but locally managed costs include your IRP tag and IFTA decal ($600 in 4 installments a year) if you want to run inter-state, and possibly the filing of a BOC-3 form for legal protection across state boundaries.

At the state level, you will also need to apply for your unified carrier registration, which starts at about $69 for a 2-truck fleet. Overall, you’ll need to budget around $5,000 - $10,000 without insurance coverage considerations, depending on the size of your fleet.

You can find further information for all of these requirements, as well as permits like heavy use tax and overweight permits, from the Wyoming DOT.

Insurance Costs for Wyoming Trucking Companies

The good news for Wyoming trucking companies is that it’s one of the cheapest states for truck insurance, but one bad truck driver or accident can still mess up your personal premiums. Unlike states with ever-rising insurance costs, you can expect to get insurance coverage for each truck in your trucking business for about $5,000 - 7500 per truck a year.

List of Trucking Companies in Wyoming

Looking for a list of trucking companies in Wyoming you can trust? We’ve assembled resources on the best of the trucking industry, from heavy haul to freight fleets and everything in-between.

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This is one of the best companies to deal with. The owner is fair and great to work with. He has a great set of drivers and a much larger fleet than reported. The goal of the company is to provide outstanding service and to go beyond what you might expect. Over the last year this company has expanded to hauling parts for a trucking company. They have fulfilled a void for that company and run daily to pick up from other trucking entities and bring back to the home location. If you are looking for a reliable service it is with a true small business.


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