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Trucking Companies in Missouri

Trucking Companies in Missouri

Did you know that there are 11,460 trucking companies in Missouri, most of them small and locally-owned? Over 70% of Missouri communities depend on trucks to move their goods, hence the increased demand for businesses that provide transportation services! Moreover, the Missouri trucking industry has provided almost 140,000 jobs, with more companies offering job opportunities for company drivers.

With that in mind, individuals are looking into getting into the industry, either starting their own business or working as a truck driver. Learn more about what it's like in the transportation and truck industry here.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Missouri

Whether you want to start your own trucking company or work as a professional driver, these are the top 10 trucking companies in Missouri you can learn from:

Waller Truck Co, Inc.

Waller Truck Co., Inc. is a family-owned business and dry van truckload carrier, operating for 60 years. Now, they have a fleet of 200 tracks and 650 dry vans, offering services such as shipping, shuttling, brokerage, flatbeds, dry vans, LTL carrier, intermodal, as well as heavy-haul and dimensional.

Affton Trucking

Affton Trucking was founded by Floyd Wright back in 1969, starting with just one truck and now growing to a fleet of trucks and terminals. They offer various transportation services such as translating, bulk trucking, intermodal, as well as packaging and warehousing.

LTI Trucking Services

LTI Trucking Services is an asset-based trucking company and third-party logistics provider located in St. Louis. They have company drivers and a professional team experienced in the transport industry, providing services such as local and dedicated shipping, refrigerated freight, and regional trucking.


TransLand is one of the premier Missouri trucking companies that have exceeded customer and employee expectations thanks to the world-class service they provide. Located in Strafford, they offer dry vans, flatbed, brokerage, and oversized shipping, catering to various areas in the United States.

Steelman Transportation

Steelman Transportation was founded by Jerry Steelman and has been in the business for almost 30 years. They are located in Springfield, Missouri, with now over a dozen tractors and flatbeds in its fleet.

Shrock Trucking Inc.

Shrock Trucking was founded in 1996 and has its headquarters in Springfield, owning 51 trucks equipped with the latest equipment for their experienced driver team comfort. They offer services such as dry van, flatbed, LTL shipments, transloading, warehousing, brokerage, and regional.

Creech Logistics

This family-owned and operated business is located in Troy, best known as the top logistics provider. They own the best equipment and only hire the best company drivers that offer shipment services like truckload, LTL carrier, refrigerated, dry van, and dedicated shipping.

Trailiner Corporation

Trailiner has been around since 1976, operating as a refrigerated truckload carrier with top-of-the-line trucks, carriers, and tractors. They provide services such as truckload, brokerage, dry vans, refrigerated, flatbed, specialized, and dedicated shipping.


Wil-Trans is a family-owned Missouri trucking company that ensures the best for their experienced driver team and customers. The full-service trucking and logistics company has 800 power units and 2,000 trailers, providing services such as full truckload, heavy hail, dedicated shipping, and yard management.

Rollet Brothers Trucking Co.

This company started in 1956 as a wood hauler with one truck, now expanding to a fleet of over 200 tractors and trailers. With over 100 team members and a professional driver team, the small trucking operation now offers services such as local and regional shipping, flatbed, dry van, reefer, and even specialized or dedicated shipments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Missouri Trucking Companies

What should you learn when planning to start your own Missouri trucking company? These are frequently asked questions you can refer to:

Missouri trucking companies need to report to the Department of Transportation once a year for the registration. However, you may need to report more than that in case of any violations or new motor vehicle purchases.

Based on Thomas Industry Update, there are seven heavy haul companies in Missouri.

A motor carrier is an owner operator or trucking company that manages a fleet used for transport services in exchange for a fee or compensation.

To get a motor carrier number in Missouri, you will have to apply for authority, which costs $300. You can apply for authority by registering with the FMCSA using the new Unified Registration System.

You can become a transportation provider in Minnesota by first obtaining a business license and registration.

To start a trucking company in Minnesota, you will first need a solid business plan with a list of what you need and the processes to undergo. It will take at least $200,000 to start your business and begin operations, which can cover the trucks, employees, warehouse, among other operational expenses.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Missouri

In Missouri, the registration costs for single-unit trucks are as follows:

  • $15.25 flat-fee plus a gross weight fee of $21 for trucks weighing 16,000 pounds or less
  • Up to $750 for trucks weighing 80,000 pounds, plus an additional fee of $46 for every 2,000 pounds over 80,000 pounds. The average fee is about $43.25, while heavy-unit trucks have a registration cost of around $415.25.
  • For farm trucks, there is a flat fee of $15.25 plus 35% of the gross vehicle weight fee schedule, which has a minimum fee of $6. The average registration fee is about $21.25.

Insurance Costs for Missouri Trucking Companies

Insurance for commercial motor vehicles is a must in Missouri, as well in other states. For semi-trucks, the average insurance cost per year is between $1,500 to $2,500, which can go higher depending on the type of coverage and add-ons your business requires.

Expect to pay at least $200 monthly for every commercial truck you own and use for operations. This is required in case of a trucking accident that affects any freight the truck driver is handling!

List of Trucking Companies in Missouri

Check out this Missouri trucking companies list to know more about the industry:

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This Company is terrible they get you hired quickly. That is when you start getting taken advantage of horrible communication low rates fees not paying on time or at all.There is no way to be successful here just used. There is no office in Kansas city its in Pennsylvania same owner of Rey logistics which folded 2023.


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