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Missouri Transportation Company

17906 E 171ST STREET
PLEASANT HILL, MO 64080-7530

Tel: (816) 331-5558

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Company Overview

JIM & KATHY RINEHART is a motor carrier operating under USDOT Number 771381 in Missouri. It has a total of 2 trucks and 2 drivers. The company received its MCS number on 04-JAN-10.

JIM & KATHY RINEHART is allowed to operate Intrastate Only (HM) and Intrastate Only (Non-HM). JIM & KATHY RINEHART is not allowed to carry hazardous materials.

According to our records, in 2009 JIM & KATHY RINEHART company drivers travelled 10000 miles and had a total of 0 inspections and 0 out of which were with violations. This transportation company drivers had 0 crashes with 0 crashes involving a fatality.

Our records also indicate that JIM & KATHY RINEHART company vehicles passed 0 inspections during the period of their operation. Overall we have 0 traffic violation reports in our system.

Total Trucks 2
Total Drivers 2
USDOT Number 771381
MCS 150 Year 2009
MCS 150 Date 04-JAN-10
MCS 150 Mileage 10000
Does JIM & KATHY RINEHART transport Hazardous Material? No
Carrier Operation C

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