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Trucking Companies in Virginia

Trucking Companies in Virginia

Despite being one of the smaller states, Virginia has the 3rd largest highway network in the country, including many interstate highways that connect the North, South, East, and West of the U.S seamlessly. This means large traffic volumes, and lots of freight whizzing its way to different parts of the country. With this in mind, it’s hardly surprising that there’s over 35,000 trucking companies registered in Virginia, a number that grows daily. While it’s not the densest nexus of trucking companies in the U.S.A, it’s certainly a thriving hub with great growth outlooks for the future.

Of these many trucking companies in Virginia, who is consistently delivering great service to their customers? Today we take a closer look.

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Virginia

Who’s setting the standards for the trucking industry in Virginia? Below we take a look at the top 10 trucking companies in Virginia, and what sets them apart from the rest:

Fleetmaster Express Inc

One of the safest trucking companies in Virginia, they combine an excellent safety record with a dedication to customer service and a large fleet that also includes refrigerated trucks.

Thompson Trucking Inc

The first specialist trucking business on our Virginia trucking companies list, they focus on waste and bulk hauling logistics, including hazardous material certification and tractor trailer haulage.

Old Dominion Freight Line

While they have depots and warehousing all over the United States, they are based out of Virginia, and more than earn a spot on our list of trucking companies in Virginia that deliver great service with their experienced company drivers and excellent trailer safety standards.

Performance Food Group

If you need haulage or supply chain needs in the foodservice industry, this trucking company is for you, offering fantastic service despite a huge network and fleet.

Omens and Minor

When it comes to medical supply shipment and transportation, they have everything you need to get the job done, including fast highway delivery and friendly customer service.

Lawrence Transportation Systems

While residential and commercial moving doesn’t often distinguish a trucking company, the dedication to long haul excellence among their company drivers earns them a spot as one of the best local trucking companies.

Abilene Motor Express Inc

Covering long- and short-haul, LTL, partial shipments and truckload hauling, they’re set up to handle anything from beverages and refrigeration to machinery and construction materials.

Wilson Trucking Company

Possibly the oldest trucking business on our list, they specialize in efficient, fast LTL hauling and logistics, and each truck driver brings experience and professionalism to the table.

Beam Bros Trucking Inc

While they chiefly haul for USPS and those needing mail transportation services, they also specialize in long haul trucking with a fantastic record that speaks for itself.

Estes Express

Estes is the largest trucking company in Virginia, and offers complete national coverage for time-sensitive truck driving jobs throughout the country.

Frequently Asked Questions about Virginia Trucking Companies

Overweight and oversize loads need special case-by-case permits, and CDL holding truck drivers need to run a CDL training clinic every 2 years. Most other licenses and permits can be renewed annually, or for a period of years for larger fleets.

There are over 800 companies specializing in or offering heavy-haul to the public.

If you own, control, manage, operate or lease a freight vehicle or a passenger transport vehicle, regardless of traveling intrastate or interstate, you will be defined as a motor carrier.

You can find permit applications for becoming a motor carrier in Virginia through the DMV website. It contains all respective information about being a motor carrier in Virginia.

You can become a transportation provider in Virginia through the Virginia DMAS, and their site contains much useful information on how to apply. If you’re interested instead in general transport services, try the DMV website.

To open a trucking company in Virginia, start with a business plan and adequate funding before you accept trucking jobs. Then you will need to establish your company, obtain all permits from the Virginia Department of Transport we discussed above, ensure your equipment is in order, and consider insurance for the cargo and trucks both.

Trucking Company Registration Costs in Virginia

If you’re a professional truck driver looking to upgrade, you need to ensure you have a decent chunk of startup capital if you’re looking to join the ranks of successful trucking companies in Virginia. To operate fully compliant within the trucking industry, there’s a number of registration costs and licenses at both the state and federal level your trucking company will need to hold.

The wise owner operator starts by incorporating or forming an LLC, as this is not an industry that favors a sole proprietor setup. Expect to pay around $105 in filing fees for an LLC ($79 for an incorporated company), and to have reporting fees of $50-$100 a year thereafter.

Almost all members of the trucking industry in America will also require a USDOT number ($350), IRP ($500), and IFTA fuel reports ($600 a year). Then you will need your unified carrier registration, which ranges from $62 for a 2 truck fleet upward in Virginia.

You can discover more about the registration process for a trucking company in Virginia here, and you can apply for and manage IRP/IFTA through this Virginia DMV portal. Don’t forget the trucking resources offered by the Virginia DOT either.

Once your company is fully legally compliant, you will also need to budget for an appropriate insurance policy, and possibly an insurance down payment for each truck.

Insurance Costs for Virginia Trucking Companies

Insurance is a hot-button issue in Virginia, so it’s well worth ensuring you comply with the insurance verification required by the Virginia DMV and correctly insure your fleet.

As with standard motor insurance, the coverage options you choose will affect the cost of your policy, as will factors like your safety record, any truck accident your fleet has, the driving behaviour of each truck driver, and the replacement value of the trucks in your fleet. However, you can anticipate paying between $5,000 - $7,000 a year on a leased motor carrier, and that can rise to around $9,000 per truck as an owner operator with their own authority.

List of Trucking Companies in Virginia

Now you know a little more about the complexities of the trucking industry, and what Virginia trucking companies have to do to stay compliant, it’s time to find the right truckers for your next job. Whether you need hazardous material moved, a flatbed driver, or a permanent freight partner, you’re sure to find them here.

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