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Not a lot of people are aware of how vital the trucking industry is to all businesses and consumers in the United States. The US Labor Department estimates that around 70% of everything in the household, work, or school is shipped and transported by trucks on the road!

The high demand for experienced driver teams and shipping services has prompted more business-minded people to get into the industry. Not only that, but more businesses are now looking for transportation companies to deliver goods for clients across states.

But who are the biggest trucking companies in the US? Whether you want to work as a professional truck driver, need transportation services, or want to become an owner operator, read on! Learn all about the industry and see how you can head on up in your potential trucking career.

What Do Trucking Companies Do?

Trucking companies are a key part of the US economy, carrying large quantities of raw materials, essential goods, properties, and other assets from one area to another. Since most of the freight movement by land is accomplished by truck drivers, one can see why the list of trucking companies in the US continues to grow.

Local trucking companies are usually involved in the construction industry or delivering goods from manufacturing plants to retail outlets. Others would ship from business to consumer, or take on moving services for offices and households. Whatever service offered, fleets of trucks and vans will always be needed for it, proving the huge demand for truckers and shipment services.

Starting a Trucking Company

While getting into the trucking industry shows promise and profit, there are things to watch out for. After all, becoming one of the best trucking companies in the country is no easy feat. For starters, a future owner operator will need to select the right target market to focus your trucking service on, whether you have a small or large fleet.

It requires a solid business plan that contains all necessary details, such as an expense breakdown, the total capital investment you need, as well as a timeline and long-term goals. To get an idea, you need a capital investment of at least $200,000 for small trucking companies, or up to $5,000,000 for a bigger company offering more such as logistics services, intermodal, tractors, and more.

But these are just the basics of having your own truck company. It doesn’t include other expenses such as business and vehicle registration, insurance, driver benefits, fuel card programs, and the like! That’s why you need to be prepared and learn the ropes from some of the best trucking companies.

You also need to make sure you're knowledgeable about what the different services trucking companies offer, such as warehousing, flatbed trucking, LTL freight, among others.

Becoming One of the Best US Trucking Companies

Trucking and freight companies make money by setting their transportation rates and spending wisely. It’s best to charge the optimum rate per mile, depending on the vehicle hired, miles traveled, and the type of cargo to be delivered. You will also need to determine operational costs, including your truck payments, insurance, permits, fuel, and more.

With this in mind, it can be a challenge operating fleets of trucks and gaining revenue out of it if you’re unsure of where to start.

One of the optimum ways to get into the trucking industry is by providing long haul or oversize transport. With the right rates, professional drivers, and strong fleets, you’re able to make a profit after paying all operational costs.

But this depends on who your target market is and the fleet of trucks and drivers you plan to invest in. While heavy and long haul services are promising, other transportation services can also give your return of investment in good time, with hard work and dedication. It also requires playing smart, from negotiating with fuel suppliers and brokers, and gaining a solid client base by creating new connections.

But beyond your work ethics, you also have to think about the face of your trucking company: Professional drivers!

When you look at the biggest trucking companies in the US, you notice that they are the top not only because of the exemplary transportation services they provide. They also offer amazing benefits for their professional drivers, from proper training to providing competitive benefits to encourage better service.

Furthermore, these companies have done proper research, continuing to expand and use state-of-the-art technology for marketing strategies and to provide the safest and most reliable delivery services customers require. They stay updated with all the latest trends in the industry, study their target market, and see what new equipment is needed to expand and maintain their reputation.

Working For US Trucking Companies

The increased demand for qualified drivers entices many to work as a trucker! But being a trucker isn't just about driving a truckload as you normally would when using your car. When you plan to look for a trucking job for transportation companies, you need to meet certain requirements.

A truck driver requires a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and additional CDL training to safely drive large trucks and manage heavy cargo on the road. You can take classes from a truck driving school or when hired by a company, they can provide the training for you.

Furthermore, truckers need to comply with all regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT). This is for both the safety of truckers and motorists on the road.

Furthermore, truckers need to comply with all regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT). This is for both the safety of truckers and motorists on the road.

Fortunately, the way truckers handle large trucks and heavy cargo has improved thanks to advanced technology and satellite communication. Today, truckers can connect with their operators and clients easier to perform efficiently, providing better transportation services and customer satisfaction.

The Best US Trucking Companies

If you’re planning to start your own trucking company, did you know that studying the competition can help you formulate strategies to do better?

And if you want to start your trucking career as a company driver, it’s best to scout for good companies that offer the best in terms of pay and hours. It's recommended to read trucking company reviews to know what to expect if you do decide to work there.

With these in mind, what are the top transportation companies?

You can find the top 10 trucking companies on our website! Our site offers the list of trucking companies by state to help you find services wherever you are. Furthermore, you can find that the mentioned names are known as the best trucking companies for new drivers, providing benefits such as great pay and home time.

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